Thursday, December 10, 2009

Braxton Hicks!!

Oh forgot to add in my previous post, Braxton Hicks contractions has indeed started and they feel like period cramps. I don't often have period cramps (yes I am one of those lucky ones) so even a mild one feels uncomfortable. I can't imagine if it is times a million for labor. Thank god for giving the thinking cap to the guy who created epidural!

During our antenatal class, the anesthetist asked if anyone is planning to have epidural during labor. I, dengan tidak malu nya waived my hands frantically… me!me!me! haha! I believe I've been through a lot during conception, I don't need to be superhero and experience the joys of labor pain. Ok la I will feel the first and perhaps second contraction and then promptly ask for the happy jab. In saying all this, one must never jinx the situation. The goal is for baby to come out safely, so although I am saying all this, really, whatever it takes for baby for come out safely, then that's the way to go. For all you know, I can't even have a natural labor for whatever reason. I probably need a C-section.

Anyhoot, believe it or nor, I might have a photoshoot scheduled this weekend! Yes I am still shooting. The kids are older than my usual 2 or 3 year olds so may require minimal bending and crouching. Next week I am going to Penang. Hubby will be working while I plan to go my usual, go out on my own to look for places to shoot. I will be a local tourist and search for temples, bird parks or whatever lah…..

Before that, I have an appointment with Dr. Guna. Can't wait! We always look forward to catch a glimpse of jr. Apparently last night while I was sleeping, hubby placed his hand on my tummy and jr was kicking away! And I felt neither! Jr's kicks nor hubby's hand. I was that tired. Yes I am retiring early nowadays. Penat la.

I am beginning to grow out of my usual clothes (well tops la) and accept the fact that I might need to buy maternity tops. There's only about slightly more than 10 weeks to go (skipping Dec due to lots of holidays and leaves) so I am quite reluctant to purchase anything expensive. I will try and root through my wardrobe and see what I have. I hope I don't have to buy much!

Tomorrow is a Selangor State holiday so I can start the countdown to my weeked now already yay! Unfortunately hubby is travelling throughout the long weekend so I will be all alone :(


flowerella said...

i ambik epidural 10 mins after 'checking in' the labor room. hehehe

dont worry, go ahead with the epidural. it doesn't make you less a mom taking one..

Lin said...

cool :) so no pain all the way right? hehe just checking. M thinking, ok, I will feel one contraction, then ask for epi.

flowerella said...

ok 1-2 contraction then ask for epi.

I cant say there's no pain at all. ade like a bit of stomach discomfort and that's all. I siap boleh tido lagik LOL.

I LOVE YOU said...


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