Thursday, December 24, 2009

28 weeks

Suddenly I feel like this weekly updates is getting shorter and shorter! Time seem to be flying!

OK all this while I've been saying that I feel great, blah blah blah. So quite so the case as the third trimester crept in!

I feel heavy! Yes very heavy. I feel like I am a baby elephant plodding along. In the books I read, they mention lots about due to the weight of the tummy, the center of gravity of the body shifts…. Yup, I know now what its all about! I am definitely feeling more tired and lazy, my mine is all on the baby and how excited we are going to be to see him. All I want to do now is to look forward to his arrival :) Work commitments are (almost) out of the window, where the heart and mine is anyway.

My tummy size is visibly larger and rounder and harder too. I definitely can't fit into my regular tops anymore and wonder if I should be buying anything new. After all, there is only about 2 plus months left. I've been wearing hubby's t shirts to sleep and to yoga class. I feel much more comfortable in dresses and skirts. Jeans and trousers feels too restrictive and difficult to pull off when I go to the toilet, which is often!

There is still a lot to buy for the nursery, such as bedding, bath tub, a cute baby mobile, padding for the changing station. I am yet to wash all the cute baby clothes which hubby and I bought.

Speaking of clothes, we were in Penang last weekend and we found a factory outlet. They have really a lot of baby clothes! Very good brands and variety too! Of course you would expect to see Baby Gap. There was also baby Guess and hubby bought Eco denims, which were super cute! I can't wait for jr to wear them :) I think we've bought a wee bit too much clothes for him for his first 6 months. Yes he will be spoilt rotten by me and there's no holding me back :P

My weekend maid has gone back to Indonesia for a month to renew her visa and I am in a slight panic. Its ok if the house is in a bit of a mess, but it also means I have to do my own laundry!! I had grown to be over dependent on her over the past few months, where she came every week to catch up with my house chores. I literally could not be bothered to lift a finger. She's a real gem and is very proactive in making sure that the house, the laundry etc is in order.

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