Thursday, December 17, 2009

27 weeks

I had my monthly check up yesterday and we are ALWAYS really excited to see jr in the scans. His growth is looking good and normal. He is almost 1kg now! Dr. Guna did a 3D scan on him and we saw his cute cherub face sleeping with his hands on the side of his face. So cute!

So how am I doing this month:

Weight gain: 10kg since conception! I think by my standards, that's really not too bad. I expected to blow up even more and qualify for those YO MAMA jokes who compares your ass to the size of the equator :P

Appetite: Seriously no different. Has not increase… yet.

Cravings: Less! I don't believe I've had a chocolate sundae for the last few weeks or so.

Aches and pains: Oh my back…. MY BACKKKKKK! My upper back, somewhere on my shoulder blade hurts like hell. All the way to my ribs. I use a hot pack to sooth the pain and thankfully it works.

Braxton Hicks: YES! About once every few days.

Fetal movement: Very strong! Jr is definitely more active nowadays and his kicks are stronger too. Sometimes almost scary! My tummy will be popping up and down. More so at night but this morning I was actually woken up by it! Its almost as though he is waking mummy up for work!

Others: Heartburn. Oh yea this is bad. I can't sleep lying flat. My head has to be propped on a pillow, higher than my chest. The burning sensation is overwhelming.

I am still going for my yoga at Fit For 2 and it works like charm and I am getting better every week. I am more limber. My muscles don't ache so bad. I find that I have more energy and my legs are stronger too thanks to those warrior poses. Will continue to bend and stretch until due date.

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