Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Police bust syndicate selling babies

I found this article in the newspaper today. It is not something new or neither we are hearing this for the first time. The individuals responsible are SICK and totally have no moral values. Its money over matter. I have surfed Malaysian Fertility forums before and I have come across people who were looking to adopt say that they were charged a high price for babies that they want to adopt, more so for baby boys.

So if you are planning to adopt, please please know your sources. Adoption is not meant to cost a lot of money. Perhaps just some administration fees. If the buying stops, the exploitation will too. Please spread the word.

Taken from The Star Newspaper

KUALA LUMPUR: They "hired" women and made them sleep with men. Nine months later, they would "harvest" the babies born and sell them to childless couples.

And if this was not heinous enough, they would then tell the new mothers that their babies were not "beautiful enough" and cut down the amount of money originally promised to them.

Behind this "baby factory" is a 50-year-old woman from Banting, known as "Auntie".

She roped in her husband, cousins and other relatives, making the babies-for-sale syndicate a family business that had been operating for more than five years.

Police managed to bust the syndicate with the arrest of 15 people, nine of whom were members of "Auntie's" family. Two women who had been "hired" were also arrested.

Police rescued five babies — two girls and three boys aged betwen two weeks and nine months — who were about to be sold off.

Federal CID Director Comm Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin said two couples who were going to buy the babies were also nabbed last Friday.

"The couples included a university lecturer and a company manager and were arrested in Kajang," he told a press conference yesterday after presenting commendation letters to policemen at the senior officers mess in Bukit Aman here.

Bakri said police were now looking for a doctor who is believed to be the leader of the syndicate.

The doctor owns a private medical centre in Klang where the babies are believed to be born.

"The doctor went into hiding soon after two couples who wanted to buy the babies were arrested," he said.

He said police managed to bust the syndicate following a tip-off on Dec 4 which resulted in a team from Bukit Aman arresting the family of nine from various locations in Banting and Klang.

The syndicate then brought police to different houses located in Banting and Klang where the two baby girls and three baby boys were found.

Bakri said the "hired" women were from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

"Each of the babies was sold for between RM15,000 and RM20,000 or more, depending on the looks and health of the infant," he said.

He said the foreign women "hired" as mothers would be promised RM5,000 for each baby.

"When the baby is born, the syndicate would then claim that the infant is not up the buyers' standard. The mothers would then be paid lower, about RM2,000.

"Investigations showed that local men, especially orang asli, were paid by the syndicate to produce the babies with the foreign women," Bakri said, adding that police believe there were more foreign women working for the syndicate.

Bakri said the syndicate operated in Banting, Kajang and Klang and sourced for potential buyers through word of mouth.

He said to further convince the buyers, the syndicate would produce legitimate documents with the help of the doctor.

Bakri said police did not rule out the possiblity that National Registration Department employees were involved.

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil expressed shock at the existence of such a syndicate and congratulated the police for their success in rescuing the five babies.

She hoped that the Attorney-General's Chambers would expedite action against those responsible.

"Information and cooperation from the public is vital to prevent such syndicates from exploiting babies for their own benefit," she said.

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