Thursday, January 14, 2010

31 weeks!!

My oh my its getting close!!

How am I feeling? Nervous! but so excited at the same time! I am definitely getting heavy and I can really feel it, especially when I turn over in bed. I have to sleep with my head propped up by pillows because I get bad heartburns at night. One night, I even choked on the bile that was coming up!

My ribs still hurt like hell but after 2 session of physiotherapy its a bit better. The therapist place a long take alongside my ribs and am not sure if it is because of that. But what was useful was that she asked me to stretch my sides so that my muscles are stretched. What I also find works is not to sit too long and let the abdomen bunch up for too long. 

I am oh so forgetful! I keep forgetting what my boss tells me to do. And thats bad!

My appetite is getting less and less and I don't really like having big meals in the evening due to bad heartburn. I don't seem to be having anymore cravings either.

My tummy has also drastically grown. So much that my skin hurts from the stretch. Its also sometimes painful when jr is moving while I am walking. I actually have to stop and wait til he has finished moving before I continue.

Jr is getting SO active! He must be dancing or something! Sometimes my whole tummy vibrates. Sometimes he just moves slowly and I can see the whole thing from the surface of my tummy. Hubby had lots of chances to feel jr move now that he is moving loads. He is especially active at night and he entertains his daddy with punches and kicks.

Hubby is so excited with the whole pregnancy and jr on the way. I have not seen him so happy.... ever. I think he will be a great dad, without a doubt. 

My next appointment is on the 25th. I am seeing the doctor every 3 weeks now. My last visit the scan showed that jr is breeched. I hope he turns around so I can have a natural birth. 

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