Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun with Cookies at Cake Connection

I like taking cooking or baking classes just for fun. Its therapeutic and nurtures the feminine side in me :)

Here are some pictures of "Fun with Cookies" at Cake Connection.

I took this class because I thought I want to make cute little cookies for Jr's Aqiqah when the time comes. But after this class, baking cookies and icing them is a lot harder than I thought! Cupcakes are a whole lot easier!

Anyhow I had lots of fun at the class.

My classmates at the cookie class. The cookie dough has to be rolled and frozen before you cut them into your desired shapes.

This is how brown the cookies has to be to know that it is ready!

Our instructor Azrina showed us how to ice the cookies with Royal Icing.

Some of my masterpiece :)

Cookies has to be dried in an air conditioned room for about 4 hours before you can pack them into little plastic bags. Thats too much effort for me. I think I will end up ordering from Azrina from Razzle Dazzle Cookies.

Hubby dearest is my best food tester. He will love everything I make :)

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