Monday, January 25, 2010

32 weeks!

How am I feeling? AWFUL!

Heartburn is getting really bad. I can't lie flat at all at night. I have to sleep propped up with 3 pillows! Anything lower than that the bile will come up. I also have great problems turning and due to the weight of jr, I feel incredibly crushed when I lie on my back. Wow 3rd trimester is no piece of cake!

My weight gain is 15 kg so far. I am not that concerned but my doctor is. Jr's weight is estimated to be between 1.9kg to 2.1kg. 

My nausea seem to be back but my doctor thinks its due to gastric juices and gave me some meds for it. 

I am feeling very tired and sleepy all the time. Hubby is getting very excited to see his little boy while I am freaking out with thoughts of labour and life after. How will my life change? Will I be a good mommy? My mine is definitely not focused at work at all. Although I am not looking forward to labour, I am looking forward to the break :) 

I've already washed jr's clothes and packed my hospital bag. His nursery is almost done. Just need to wash his sheets and decorate the walls with cute stickers. We got one of those tubs where you can lie the baby safely on an inclined seat in the tub. 

Am going to be a mommy soon! :D

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