Friday, January 29, 2010

33 weeks

It is getting closer and closer!

I get good days and bad days. On a bad day, I get extremely tired and sleepy and lazy. On a good day, I can be very energetic and still bounce around the office. My tummy is definitely getting very big and it feels very uncomfortable. I feel very heavy too! And I thought I felt heavy in the second trimester, nothing beats third trimester! Now I know what the books meant when they say I will feel heavy, off balance and clumsy. My fitball classes definitely help with energy.

Getting in and out of my car is not much of a problem. Only I need to open my car door wider. I can still drive with not much problems.

Oh and I get so spaced out! I get lost for words very often. I usually suddenly find myself day dreaming and it is getting extremely difficult to focus.

I don't see that much of swelling on my legs, but I can feel it when I sit on my knees at my exercise class.

Jr is getting SO active it almost hurts. He is most active at night oh no! And he responds too when I put my hand on my tummy. She moves and kicks when he realizes that someone is there. I think he recognizes his daddy's voice too! Because when hubby is around, he gets very excited and moves around more vigorously.

My weight gain is 15kg total so far and Dr. Seri at PCMC made a HUGE fuss over it! She almost looked at me in disgust and I was really offended! My glucose level was normal and if it was such a big deal to her, she should at least ask what my eating habits were. Jr weights between 19kg – 2.1kg at 32 weeks which she says is the correct weight for a 32 weeks baby. Then she went on and on on how I might need to do a C section because the baby might be too big. I asked her how large would be the baby might be at its due date. She said well, possibly around 3kg. That's a normal size for a full term baby isn't it??? Not that large! I have friends who delivered 4kg babies vaginally.

So hubby and I decided that we simply don't like her. She is too wishy washy and does not focus on what is important like the health of the baby, if the baby is ok, is the placenta ok etc. So we will be going back to Dr. Guna at DSH. We were so happy and comfortable with him. The only reason why we wanted to go to Prince Court was because of its new facilities and nothing more. Kiasu factor mostly :) Just because The Company pays for it.


Drama Queen said...

I know exactly how you feel about her. I saw her a couple of times and then we decided to go back to our old dr although I sooo wanted to have my baby in Prince court!

First she told me I was getting my period (after the scan)..which she was wrong cuz I was pregnant and didnt get my period. Then when we went to confirm my pregnancy she couldnt find my baby and told us "i want to give you good news but I dont see anything" for 5 minutes before finally confirming I am preg. eee....

I think it's good that you go back to a dr you're comfortable with.

15kg is not bad at all. My friend gained 20kg and still had a natural birth.

Good luck

Lin said...

Whaaaat?? That woman is a psycho!! I can't understand why so many people are so convinced that she is good. Good at what exactly???

Ams said...

Omg im so glad i read this, someone recommended her to me. I have to look for a gynae soon. Theres a Dr. Tan at PCMC and he seemed nice. Did you try any other gynae in PCMC? Its the closest for me. But I had a procedure there once and I must say I was quite annoyed. The nurses were so SLOW and they forgot to give me my medication so I had to go back to the hospital when I shld be resting! Maybe I should go elsewhere...

Lin said...

Ams u shud ask the person who recommended how exactly is she good. I dont find her professional at all. Yes she is nice, but there is a lot more to bed side manners. No I did not try other gyneas there.

Gleneagles still very good. Has reputable doctors.

heppi said...

Hi. I'm one of Dr.Seri's patients. I was recommended by many of my friends and even from my GP who was also her student. I was shocked when u described her as a psycho. She is a wonderful doctor to me and many others. i feel like your description of her is totally opposite and inappropriate. Well, i suppose, like u prefer Dr Guna, myself and many others love and feel more comfortable with Dr. Seri instead. my weight gain in pregnancy was tremendous initially like urs. However, because of her kind advices and concerns, alhamdulillah i manage to reduce my weight gain & eventually delivered my beautiful baby naturally and safely eventhough my 2nd baby was bigger than my 1st one. She is so nice, caring, kind and totally different from my previous gynae who performed a C-sec for me for my first baby (my baby and I were big???). My husband and I were so happy with Dr. Seri's care. And we definitely will be seeing her again for our next pregnancies insyaAllah. Sorry u felt that way about her. But to me and my family and a lot of my friends, "Dr. Seri is the best!".

Anonymous said...

When it comes to dr seri, i remembered a story of my weight gain experienced during pregnancy. Dr. Seri is a guardian to women out there and she's also a happy go lucky person where im pleased to be with her. She Offers the best for her patient and in the first place why did you changed Dr, from Dr. Guna to Dr Seri and why do you need to follow other people by seeing Dr Seri.Every Dr in every hospital have their own capabilities and their own and weaknesses as a human being we dont judge other people by looking at its cover.and i agreed with what heppi commented.for every pregnancy, you need to have a guideline in your weight.women who gain too much during pregnancy are at a higher risk for having a cesarean delivery. They also tend to retain too much weight after pregnancy and have a higher weight in subsequent pregnancies. This can be a problem because women who start pregnancy overweight are at higher risk for complications including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.i am sure you dont tend to be having all these problems.and you should adept and adopt from what you have been is for your own good health and not saying other people as psycho's.i am so greatful to ALlah and Dr Seri which her adviced have be a good advice for me and my hubby.i was 82kg when i first got pregnant but after ive been adviced by Dr Seri i manage to reduce my weight to 70 and look at what i am now.i even goes for yoga and aerobic during my pregnancy and also i only takes healthy food.its for me and my baby's health.i am 54kg now for my 2nd pregnancy and i dont have any problem compared to before.every advice that comes from every Dr that you seek is an advice and not to make it as a negative for the future if you get any advice from any Dr that you are seeing you need to adept and adopt and you need to lean back and think about your future.I hope that you could accept with what ive commented to you and thanks Dr Seri for your great advice and hard work.