Thursday, February 18, 2010

36 Weeks

Its getting really uncomfortable! I've never experienced heartburn this bad. I can't sleep well at night because I get acid reflux and have to keep sitting up. Now I have not 3 but 4 pillows to prop me up. Its terribly tiring. Turning left and right is really difficult too because I have to "swing" jr around left and right. My tummy is also getting very large and awkward. Its funny because even when sitting cross legged, I have to make room for it.

We had our doctor's check up yesterday. Jr is a whopping 2.8kg now! We were so surprised! No wonder I've been feeling so heavy. Dr. Guna did the usual, measured his head and his abdomen. He recogns jr will show up near due date. No indications that he will make an early appearance. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping that we get to see him sooner! We also met with the anesthetist and discussed about the difference between walking epidural and full epidural. Also discussed my fused L4 and L5 if there would be any problems administering the epidural. Basically he says should not be a problem, however since that bit of the spine is not normal, it is just not as predictable as a normal spine. Even with normal people, epidural can sometimes not work. So we will have to see how it goes on that day. Does not sound that assuring, but still, the option is still there. The difference between walking epi and full epi is, with walking epi, I can still be mobile, and still feel some pain. Depending on a person's threshold for pain, the amount of pain varies. Full epi is the usual epi where you feel nothing. I get to opt for walking epi first and then request for full epi if it gets unbearable. Nice!

After work yesterday I thought I take a stroll at The Curve just to have a bit of exercise. I thought I'd be ok, but it was not very long before I was really tired. I spent a good hour at the scrapbooking shop looking for stuff for jr's scrapbook. It involved mostly just standing and not walking around much. Even that I felt almost lightheaded and very tired! I decided to head home and lie down. And I never knew that scrapbooking could be so expensive! I must find alternatives to decorate jr's scrapbook. Its getting ridiculous. Everytime I go to the scrapbooking store, I spend almost RM50!

We finally put up the stickers in jr's room. Hubby had a good time doing it. He is after all the more arty one :P And guess what, he had to dismantle the cot to move it to our room because it does not fit through the door!! We parked it in the nursery temporarily since we set up the cot too early. We did not think about if it would fit through the door! So hubby's nightmare came true when we could not wedge the cot out! Haha! Kesian dia. So lessons learn to new moms, make sure the cot fits through the door if you plan to move it around!

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