Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Chinese Noo Year!

CNY this year is pretty much like every year. Except that this year we are so happy because we have jr on the way!

We had our reunion dinner at Min Max Chinese Restaurant at PNB Darby Park. The food was actually pretty good, though nothing beats popo's cooking, which we miss very very much! She does not cook anymore because dah tak larat so nowadays we eat out for CNY. We were given a private room for our table (don't know why, we didn't ask for it). It's been such a HOT HOT CNY and to make it worst, our private room's air conditioning did not work! Also did not help being pregnant where I am hotter than everyone else. It was truly uncomfortable and we downed iced Chinese tea like ice cold lemonade on a hot summer's day.

The next day we beraya at our popo's house which is just across the street from our house. Although it is only a 2 minute walk, we DROVE since it was SO HOT and HUMID! Popo cooks the usual on CNY morning, vegetarian fried noodles and stir fried vege. Simple but SO yummy. Nothing beats her cooking I tell ya! There was also kuih bakul, where it is steamed and coated with coconut. My brother bought this oh so yummy chocolate cake from a flower shop at PNB Darby Park. We thought it was an odd place to sell chocolate cake, but I guess it's a side business kut. It was SO yummy tho. It looked like any other boring chocolate cake with no frosting, but it was so moist and chocolaty. 

I nearly forgot about Valentine's Day because of CNY! I bought hubby a present in the nick of time. This year, bought a very nice picture frame and framed one of my belly shots in it. So he has a picture of the both of us, me and jr! Since greeting cards are so overpriced during festive occasions, I have resorted to buy my greeting cards at Emma K. Her cards are surprisingly inexpensive and very classy. Her shop is at Bangsar Village 2, 2nd floor (I think).

The rest of the CNY day off was spent waking up late, watching TV and taking afternoon naps with hubby dearest. Bliss I tell you! Its probably the last opportunity we have simply just chilling before jr arrives and we are going all out! We did spent the last day off de-cluttering our home and surprise surprise hubby did his bit without complains! We even decluttered one of our store rooms (we have two at home,bless us) and threw out a whole lot of junk. Sometimes it is really surprising how we can store useless junk which takes up so much valuable space.

So that was our blissful long CNY weekend. Now back at work, 80% of my colleagues aren't event back yet. Yet another blissful week haha!

Popo cooked this on 2nd day of CNY because our cousin Li Ling came back to KL from Singapore to see her. Its a gazillion times more delicious than restaurant food!!


doristhedonkey said...

oooooh I feel for you I really do! 4 children later, the best and the strangest of times! good luckx

Lin said...

Thank you! And thanks for dropping by too :)