Friday, February 12, 2010

35 weeks!

Closer and closer now!

Tummy definitely getting really big and cumbersome. It is difficult to move around in bed. Sitting cross legged on the bed is also difficult because the size of the tummy actually gets in the way! And OH THOSE STRETCH MARKS! God help me. I pray very hard that my tummy in the last does not become saggy and lumpy.

Jr moves around a lot still. His kicks and movements are very hard and painful. My whole tummy actually shakes violently! Can be very scary to watch!

Appetite is getting less and less. Heartburn is not too bad. I don't seem to pee that often now either. Discharge is not that much.

Weight gain to date is about 16kg according to the scale in the office. My next check up is next week and I will know then how much weight I've gained so far.

I discovered that I will be on the full Chinese pantang. I hate it because it is actually SO expensive! Food alone is going to cost a minimum of RM1 k! And that is exorbitant for a bunch of taboos. I mean yes, we want to keep the body warm and all, but COME ON! Be realistic! It can be wasteful! And we still need to pay for Stemcell banking, my malay urut lady and probably a whole lot of other stuff I don't know about.

And yes I do intend to use cloth diapers, but not in the first few weeks after birth. There is a whole lot of getting used with the new baby and all and the last thing I need is to figure out how cloth diapers are going to fit into all this. Not to mention potential leaks and changing and washing of sheets.

I foresee that the first few weeks post natal is going to be hell.


Crib Adventures said...

I was flipping through the top of Blogger where it says "Next blog" and came across yours. I read about you wanting to do cloth diapers and thought I would leave my two cents. I use Fuzzi Bunz and have been since my son was about three weeks old. They work great, very few leaks, easy to wash. I would recommend them if you can get them. :)

I am planning a blog post about them soon but haven't gotten around to it but then I will have more info about them.

Hope you didn't mind my stopping by and saying that!

Lin said...

No problem at all, thanks for dropping by!

I dont know if we have Fuzzi Bunz brand in Malaysia, but will try and check it out. We do have several types of clothe diapers available in the market, thank goodness. Now just need to know which one works best... on the tiny bum and also on the pocket :)