Friday, February 26, 2010

37 Weeks

My MC starts now!!

This week, I am increasingly tired and is getting more and more difficult to walk. Surprisingly the swelling on my feet has gone down this week, I can't figure out why. My face is still not swollen and I am surprise that I did not put on much fat on my upper body. I expected to be chubby like a walrus.

Jr is still very active and kicks really hard! I think its because he is so big now and sometimes it hurts when he moves around. An excitable baby indeed!  I hope he is a happy and bubbly baby :)

We've pretty much bought everything we need I guess. The last on my list was the nursing bra and the nursing wrap. I've also bought 2 pairs of cloth diapers from a friend who gets her stock directly from China. I went to Tiny Tapir just to see the range of cloth diapers that they have and my they got cute ones! They even got some with patterns on so they look like shorts. The girl at the shop advised me not to get too many at one time because I need to see if it suits my baby. I told her of the 2 I bought so I said I'd try the the ones at Tiny Tapir later. She also reminded me that I need to be using biodegradable detergent so that absorbency of the cloth lasts longer. Now to go out and find some! Oh yes, it also needs to be washed a few times before use so that the fabric absorbs baby's pee better.

Now that my mc has started, all left to do is wait! Tho I still need to go back one day next week for a meeting. Hubby is SO excited.

Oh although I am 37 weeks already, it still did not stop us from buying Baby Face concert tickets!!! Dr. Guna says that I will be popping closer to my due date so why not! Plus the KL Convention Center is close to so many hospitals so no problem!


citykoos said...

lol! jgn nanti at his birth cert the pob is registerrd as klcc convec cukup! take care dear!

Lin said...

Will do thanks!