Monday, February 22, 2010

Fashionable while pregnant

At the beginning of my pregnancy I knew I had to get maternity clothes. But I had no clue where to begin. Although there was hardly any bulge in the beginning, I felt that I needed to wear something more loose fitting nevertheless as I had some gas and my tight fitting denims were not comfortable although it fits.

Just taking a peek into the maternity denims line sent me into confusion. There were just so many types! There were ones with buttons but expandable thingys on the side. There were also the ones with a "kangaroo" pouch to hold the bump. There were also the ones instead of buttons, it is a stretchy waistband. Maternity clothes in Malaysia are not cheap and difficult to find good brands. There is also plenty of "aunty" type outfits which obviously did not suit my taste buds :P

So I had to try and error and hoped that I get it right. I hope this post helps those who are looking for comfortable maternity bottoms. Tops are no brainers. If you can fit into your regular clothes, keep wearing them until you can't. Even at 36 weeks, I am still wearing my normal sized baby ts although it is rather snug on the tummy. Surprisingly my chest and shoulders did not grow much, but this depends on individuals. Some people grow more than others. I've even had friends who did not even have to buy maternity bottoms at all! Trousers with elastic bands worked just fine. Of course dresses are a blessing. Empire waist dresses can accommodate to any bump size, it is incredibly comfortable, also very easy during the months where we just can't stop peeing! For me, I just bought dresses, one size up from my usual size. Baby doll dresses/ tops of course works great combined with leggings.

OK back to the bottoms. I think I've got all types. From the buttoned ones, to the kangaroo pouch ones and the waist band ones. The buttoned ones are comfortable in the early months. Just have the elastic things on the side to the max and you are good to go. However, as my bump got bigger, it got increasingly uncomfortable. The bottom bit of my tummy felt squashed, especially denims. I got work pants of this type, although softer, it got uncomfortable as my bump grew bigger. If I set the "expansion" elastic band bit to bigger, my pants falls off! If too tight, it gets uncomfortable.

The Kangaroo pouch ones seemed far too big at the beginning. I bought a pin stripe working pair from Dorothy Perkins as it was on 50% sale and at that time thought that two of me could fit in it. It worked wonders as I crept into my third trimester. Very comfortable and works great with cotton tops because it does not look like I've got a waist band almost as high as my boobs :)

The best is the elastic waist band type. Works great from early pregnancy right up to now. Comfortable and does not fall off even tho when it is set to max expansion mode.

Shoes, I only bought one pair. I've had some friends who had to keep buying shoes every few months. I was wearing my regular shoes with a slight heel which I thought was fine. However, caring people around me kept nagging to wear flatties for safety reasons. After I trip and fell a few times, I relented :) So I bought some comfy, soft leather, not too bad looking moccasins one size larger than my usual size. It was a bit floppy at first but I grew into it as my pregnancy progressed. For casual foot wear, I've only been wearing my flip flops. Thankfully they are in fashion now too!

For peejays, I just wore my regular nighties, sometimes hubby's t-shirts and when I totally cant be bothered, I'd just wear my regular tank tops and let my tummy show.

Work out clothes… Ok I had a problem with this. I really could not be bothered to be fashionable at all and most of the time wore hubby's t-shirts. I still work my regular workout bottoms but was really uncomfortable under my tummy. My gym mates actually had cool tank tops which were long so that it covers their tummies. I was just too lazy to look for one.

Maternity clothes in Malaysia is frightfully expensive and if they are not "aunty" looking clothes, they are expensive specialist stores. In my opinion, it is an exploitation of the pregger moms market :) I wish brands like Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and Zara would bring in more maternity lines. They do on not so regular basis and only certain outlets carries it in KL. You get plenty online but they don't deliver to Malaysia. Besides, with maternity clothes, you have to try them.

Disclaimer: The above is only my personal and humble opinion 

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