Sunday, February 21, 2010

Teddy and Cleo



My two boys Teddy and Cleo. I wonder what their reaction would be like when jr comes into our lives :)

Cleo is probably almost 8 human years while Teddy is about 4 human years old. Ever since Cleo was "snipped", he put on loads of weight and is fluffier than before. Teddy has "grown up" slightly but is still bounding about like a kitten, chasing poor old Cleo around the house. Teddy is the more affectionate one and is always looking for attention. He would always be the one at our feet or trying to jump on our laps. Cleo however will only admire you from afar, but according to hubby, he must always be in the line of sight with me :) 

I love my boys. They keep me company and cheer me up when I am down. There was once I came home from work terribly upset and Cleo (who would only admire you from afar) actually came up to me and rested his chin on my hand and looked deeply into my eyes, as though telling me "Its going to be ok".

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