Saturday, February 06, 2010

Good bye to a great leader

I remember when I stared at the older girls in awe. How professionally they dressed, how they urgently strut across the  lobby to get where they want to go. Their heels clicking on the shiny marble flooring. Oh I yearned to be like them. How I looked forward to be a part of them. 

Over a little 10 years ago I joined the workforce. Fresh, innocent, eager, ambitious, bursting with energy. I was excited to prove myself to the world, I too can take on the corporate world. I started like everyone else, from the bottom, hitting the grind stone everyday.

While us minions were finding our way around, trying to figure out how our growth would be like, how we could prove ourselves to the high expectations of the great Leaders, one talented man was steering The Company to its greatest heights.

Tan Sri Hassan Marican was the President of The Company then. Too young and fresh to realise his significance, he was just a big boss with a big room. 10 years on, I realised how much role this man has played to the company, to the nation.

TSP has led PETRONAS to be the only Fortune 500 company in the country. Grew the company and created a brand that is recognised globally. To be a Global Champion. That was his aspiration. Indeed, that was where we are now heading. A company that is hardly 50 years old, has made a mark in the oil industry and gained respect from the other oil giants.

We will miss TSP. I will miss TSP, although I never had the opportunity to meet him personally. I honestly never thought about shaking his hand when I receive my 15 year long service award, but now I feel sorry that I never will. 

I am just an insignificant little voice, but I would like to wish him all the best, and most of all ... thank you. Thank you for looking out for us. Thank you for our career development, opportunity and well being.

Thank you for being our President. 

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Yatie said...

Yes, he'll definitely be sorely missed. I also have huge respect for the man, even though I don't know him personally. But his actions and directions had certainly put Petronas on the O&G radar.

His successor has a huge shoe to fill - I certainly hope he'll be able to steer the company in the right directions..