Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally 40 Weeks!

I am 40 weeks today! And I have not popped yet!

It was a long and exciting journey. I enjoyed my pregnancy thoroughly and had minimal discomforts. I could do this all over again.

We are doing a planned C section this Friday, somehow I knew I would not go through natural child birth. What happened was that jr was engaged at 39 weeks. And this week during doctor's check up, he got himself disengaged!! The little rascal must have wriggled himself out!

Uh oh I've got a hyper active baby in my hands!

Wish us luck! We will see jr is 2 days!!


Drama Queen said...

Good luck! Hope it all turns out well for you :)

Mommy at Home said...

Good luck with the c-section. Take care and have fun "meeting" Jr for the first time. I guess meeting your firstborn will always be something extra special; (no that the 2,3 or 4 will be less special) but this will mark your foray into this roller coaster journey called Motherhood :)

Calista said...

Good Luck and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nadia said...

Good Luck to you!!! I hope everything will be fine!!!

Lin said...

Hey thanks everyone!