Monday, March 29, 2010

My Angel is here!!

Introducing Baby Ayden Iskandar Faisal

Baby Ayden Iskandar Faisal was born on 19 March 2010, 3.45kg via c section. 

Our cutie pie has been home for almost a week now and seem to be adjusting well. The first night at home was hell for both mommy and Ayden (and maybe daddy who seem to have slept through the whole din). Ayden was adjusting to life at home while mommy was adjusting to Ayden adjusting!

Breastfeeding was more challenging than I thought it would be. I wished I prepared myself for it more.... or at least read more about it before I delivered. Anyhow things are much better, Ayden had problems latching on in the beginning causing me a LOT of pain. But now he seem to be sucking better and my milk seem to be flowing better too. Thanks to some papaya soup as well as frequent feeding. I do mix his feeds with formula, formula mostly being fed at 3am feeds only. 

Ayden was in for jaundice before we discharged his bilirubin levels were 16. He was in phototherapy for 2 nights. He was back in for jaundice again last Sunday with B levels of 12.8 and also spent 2 nights. Today he is finally home! Despite 2 good nights sleep, we missed him so much!


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Drama Queen said...

He's so cute! And I love the name too!

Miss B. said...

He is SUCH a beautiful baby. Congratulations.

huang said...

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