Friday, April 23, 2010

Good help... good maid?!

How hard is it to get good help these days? Well... VERY HARD. Good help that you can trust that is.

I will be going back to work soon and I still have not sorted out the maid situation at home. For my dear readers outside Malaysia (if any), in Malaysia it is common to employ help/ nanny to look after your children and they typically come from Indonesia. The problem with Indonesian maids is that, they tend to runaway! That is, runaway from their employers home, sometimes leaving the baby/ children alone all by themselves. After paying a hefty amount to the agent that brings in these maids, they run away. 

So people do resort to protective measures such as installing a nanny cam, or send their babies to a nursery, together with a maid! So you have to pay for the nursery care AND the maid. That is how much people do not trust their maids alone at home. Some fortunate people get to send their babies with their maids to their parents/ family members house. Bottom line is, someone has to watch the maid to make sure that she does not gets up to no good. All these efforts is so that..... both parents are able to work to keep up with the high cost of living in Malaysia. Boohooo. Really, sometimes it costs more for a mom to go to work, than to stay at home and be a full time stay at home mom.

So ...... What do I do about childcare?! Bringing in a maid via agency costs a BOMB, seriously. Sending Ayden to a nursery is a no no ( I am over protective you see and there is no telling how they will care for him there!). If I am willing to spend the amount to bring in a maid, I still do not want her to be alone at home with Ayden! 

What to do ... what to do!!


Drama Queen said...

i have the same problem! I havent sorted that part out. I still have about 2 months before baby is due but this maid/nanny part is really stressing me out. Can you send the maid to ur parents/in laws? Nursery is a big no no!

Lin said...

U better start thinking now but don't get stressed out too much. Cos I took my time and now I am panicking! I will be back to work in about 3 weeks! Actually my grandma lives not too far away and she agreed to let me send the baby and maid over.. thank god!!!

Corrie said...

How about staying home with your baby? How can work be more important? How can you "give" this amazing new little person so someone else to nuture? I did it once for a few months, and fortuntately came to my senses. You won't regret it.

Lin said...

Corrie you are absolutely right. There is not a day that goes by that I think about the option of staying home. Infact, it is not even an option. But with the high cost of living in Malaysia and difficulty joining back the workforce later, it is difficult to not work and provide enough. I honestly and seriously wish I could. Praying hard and fingers crossed that I can do this someday

Mommy at Home said...

You're right, getting good help and one that you can trust is very hard these days. I had one during pantang for baby #2 and could only tolerate her for about 6 months.

Since I stay at home, I had absolutely no qualms about sending her away. So here's wishing you good luck in finding a reliable and trustworthy maid. It is truly a gamble as we only know their true colours months after they live with us. However, since you're sending the maid + baby to you grandma's, Insya-Allah it'll be okay since the maid will be supervised all the time.

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huang said...

i have the same problem! I havent sorted that part out.

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