Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How life has changed

Very much!

First of all, if you think your life was scheduled before baby, well think again. Life is even more scheduled when the little one arrives. Around his feeding schedule that is! Even more so if you are fully breastfeeding!

One thing about baby boys, they feed more than baby girls. In the case of Ayden, he needs to feed every one half hours to two hours. He feeds for an average of half hour and time to next feed is calculated from the start of the previous feed. So really, the next feed is only an hour away if he is on a one half hourly feed! Thankfully now I have some extra milk to express. Which also means I can get away or go out for a couple of hours to run some chores or to get my hair done.

I am also beginning to wonder if I ever get to sleep through the night again… EVER! Since he needs to feed so often, he wakes up that often in the night too. That is, if he goes to sleep right after each feed and not get cranky. After about 3 weeks, I adjusted to this new sleep schedule and managed to breastfeed and catch some extra sleep time. By which we sleep right to almost noon! But at least he still gets his breastmilk, and I get my sleep. What used to happen was, I get so exhausted when morning comes, I pass him over to my mum and she gives him formula until I wake up…. At noon. Now I am proud to say, we are on exclusive breastmilk.

The good ol boobs aint the same anymore either! Its more of a feeding machine, rather than an aesthetic purpose. The bright side is, I finally have a cleavage :D

My days does not seem to have enough hours! Although I am on my maternity leave and not working, I seem to be busy all day! Of course there is the never ending feeds, but also inbetween feeds I try to squeeze in some chores and bits and some rest. It is said that when baby sleeps, mommy should be sleeping too! But its really not that easy! Even that, I have my mom to help.

I have to plan my milk supply if I need to go out say to pay the bills. I have to calculate how many hours I will be out and how much milk I need to express.

As you can see most of if evolves around feeding. I suppose of the baby is on formula, it is easier because the person minding the baby just need to whip some up in the kitchen. With breastfeeding, the mommy has to be around all the time to cater for the demand.

Ayden is also cranky nowadays and refuses to take his afternoon naps. So this means carrying him all day and pacifying him. Before I had Ayden, I used to think, how hard is that… let me tell you… its back breaking! One can only last at most an hour trying to sooth a restless and crying baby. This is where a pair of extra hands helps. A 10 minute break makes a whole lot of difference.

In saying all this, its by no means being a mom is the worst life changing experience. It is just a different life altogether. Its because we love the little cute, pooping being is why we do it. I love Ayden with all my heart, so much that it hurts. I never knew I could love anyone so much before. Even when he is up at 5am and refuses to go back to sleep, his big round eyes (and sometimes cheeky smile) sends you to the moon and back. I would do everything and anything to protect him and make sure that he is ok.

And that’s what being a mommy is all about. 


jo oliver said...

I have a four- mo- old and a 5-yr-old handicapped child.....So, I know what you mean, but would not change one thing.

huang said...

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