Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The evil car seat

At 3.5 months we are still struggling with the car seat. Ayden is still not too happy sitting on his car seat and ever worse he hates the safety belt that goes over his chest. We are not giving up. He HAS to get used to his seat or no going out. Safety is not something that we can compromise.

Last weekend we went out for a kenduri in Puchong. It was about a half hour drive. Clip Clop and Trumpet was assigned to keep Ayden company in his seat. Mommy was purple in the face talking through Trumpet, also due to motion sickness in the backseat. Guess what…. We made it without a meltdown!!

The way back was a different story. By this time, it was almost Ayden's feeding time. He was tired and hungry. Mommy gave in and took him out of his seat and fed him on the way home. NOT proud of it. Should NEVER do this again. We must practice and plan more. In the very least, he should not be hungry when breaking him into his car seat.

Later that night, we went out with Daddy who had to run some chores. I grabbed the chance to get Ayden into his car seat again. This time he bawled the moment he was placed in his seat. I was adamant to get him used to it and left him to wail, this time making sure that he was fed and changed before leaving. After about 10 minutes of wailing, he tapered into 2 minutes bursts of crying, then he fell asleep. He woke up crying again and again I left him to cry. He went on all the way out and on the way home. Must practice some more!

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