Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My happy bunny

Ayden is about 3.5 months now and he seems to be developing quite a personality!

He is a happy baby, always wakes up with a smile in the morning. He is only grumpy when his tummy is hungry and if he has wind. The past months we discovered the reason why he gets cranking in the afternoons is because he had gas. My poor bunny's been having an upset tummy. In the last doctor's visit, he was prescribed Dentonix, colic drops, which worked like a charm. Now Ayden is a happier bunny. In the afternoon, between naps and feeds, he would play with his nanny and generally is in very good spirits.

He's also just begun grabbing his toys. Mr. Monkey is still his favorite. He will hug Mr. Monkey and try to nibble his hands. He has not actually begun to put his toys in his mouth just yet, but with Mr. Monkey, he seems to be getting there!

Ok here's not laughing here ... mommy was not fast enough with the camera hehe!

He LOVES playing airplane! He will laugh and giggle when I lift him into the air. It's hilarious! Another favorite is playing peek-a-boo infront of a mirror. Owh that really tickles him! It sends me to the moon and back when he laughs. He gives a really cute giggle!

It's s so interesting to watch my baby grow. He does something different every week.

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