Friday, June 25, 2010

Ayden’s 3rd Month doctor’s visit

We bundled little Ayden in his carseat and set off to Damansara Specialist Hospital for his booster shots and check up. He slept while he waited as it was also time for his morning nap.

Dr. Musa's office is known for his looooong wait. But somehow the longest we had waited was an hour and it's because we were late and probably bumped to the end of the list. One hour is pretty bearable as I've waited as long as 4 hours at a gynea's clinic before! So Ayden napped peacefully while we waited. I also gave him a feed so that he does not wake up hungry when he sees the doctor and when he gets his shot. Not a nice feeling to be hungry and being poked I imagine!

So his name was called and we piled into the doc's office. I was a bit apprehensive because the last time Ayden wailed when he received his shot but apparently he was hungry. So with a full tummy this time, I kept my fingers cross. Dr. Musa examined him and then weighed him. 5.4kg! And then he measured him… 60cm! My little boy has groooown! He was 48cm when he was born.

Then Dr. Musa prepared his shots. I thought, uh oh……. With expert quick hands, the doctor yanked on the musical stuff toys hanging on the window sill making them all sing happily and promptly stuck the needle into Ayden's thigh. I was still captivated by the stuff toys (not sure about Ayden), amazed at how many he had, and the doctor was done! Ayden did not even seem to flinch. Still happy and kicking, oblivious of what happened. I was relieved! Good boy! Next was the oral meds. I think it was the rotavirus meds. The doctor squeezed the liquids into his mouth and he just swallowed without any problems. Again I was amazed! Very unlike his mommy! Dr. Musa said he did great and will not have problems taking medicine. I was REALLY relieved. My lil munchikin is such a trooper!

After we were done at Dr. Musa's I thought I treat MYSELF with some coffee at the cafe at the hospital. What I thought was going to be a high drama morning turned out to be otherwise with a very cheery Ayden bouncing happily in his stroller.

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