Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking back at Ayden’s second month and first month

Ayden just turned three months and looking back at his second month, it almost seemed like we’ve had him all our lives. I cannot imagine life without him.

So here's his second month in a glance.

My First Mother’s Day
We celebrated Mother’s Day for all the mums in our family, namely for my grandma, my mum and ME! My very first Mothers Day! Wow what a feeling! At that time, Ayden was only 6 weeks old and just had his combined first and second month booster shots. So he was a bit poorly but still happy! Did not complain at all. We had Mother’s Day dimsum brunch at PNB Darby Park Minmax Chinese Restaurant. Ayden was good the whole time, though we had to take turns carrying him, he did not fuss at all. By this time, taking Ayden out was a WHOLE lot easier compared to a few weeks before that. His feeding time is longer and he does not poop as much so diaper changes are not so frequent.

The next day we went to the IBU Family Bazaar at Bangsar Village 2 and Ayden was good all the way in his stroller. Infact he took a brief nap in the early part of our trip and woke up when we stopped for lunch at dessert at Delicious. I LOVE my lil munchikin :)

The maids issue
It was a rough month for me where maids were concern. It was also the month I started work. In summary, my first maid arrived at my house and only to stay for 3 days before the agency took her back. Her replacement came exactly a week after that only to run away 3 days after that! These indons are a big nightmare and honestly training them is even worst. I vowed to pay any amount of money to get a better alternative. Finally we found a reliable agent which had a Filipino maid immediately available. We took her in and she is a SUPERSTAR. She’s great with Ayden as she took care of twins previously and super proactive with housework. With minimal training she found her way around the house and only one week with us, she is already right at home. She costs an arm and a leg, but its worth every bit of it. Ayden now has a reliable nanny to take care of him and I don't have to worry too much while I am away at work.

First visit to Atok’s house
Believe it or not, since Ayden was born, he has not been to my father’s house in Nilai. We’ve been so tied up post confinement, with the maids’ issue, starting work etc we finally had a spare weekend to take Ayden to his Atok’s house. Atok will be selling his house to move closer to us so he can be closer to his first grandson! Nilai is waaaaay to far out anyway, even though it is NOT for his grandson. So we spent the weekend at Atok’s house and Ayden seems happy that he is not sleeping in his own bed(or rather mummy’s bed) that weekend.

Ayden’s First Father’s Day
We had an early Father’s Day celebration, also at Minmax Chinese Restaurant. Hubby’s been a fantastic daddy, completely handson. I don't have to tell him what to do, he is an expert with Aydens diapers and has no problems heating my breastmilk for Ayden when I am not around. WELL DONE DADDY!

We are still on exclusive breastmilk! I hope to hang in there as long as I can. So far milk supply looks good. I hope it builds up with Ayden’s appetite.

He laughts!
Ayden started laughing when he was about 6 weeks old. Over Mother's Day weekend he gave me BIG BIG smiles and small giggles. Towards the end of his second month, he was laughing a lot more, and loves it when people talk to him. He will respond with a big smile and a giggle. He giggles like Ernie in Sesame Street! He is such a morning person too! When he wakes up in the morning, he gives me a gummy smile which sends me to the moon and back! What a start for the day!

Ayden seem to LOVE books! He likes it when we read to him. He will look at the pictures and I can keep him occupied this way for almost half an hour! He also loves his musical book, his toy book that plays nursery rhymes and has colourful animals that lights up. He also loves his singing catapillar which plays classical music. He will stare at it and batt it with his hands while it plays. I try to read him a story before bedtime, but our evenings are not in routine just yet. So my aim for his 3rd month is to start winding him down to bed with a bath, and story time. Hopefully he starts to sleep early then.

We also took him to Musikgarten for newborns. No, its not a long term thing, neither did we buy a whole package to make him a musical wonder, but it was just a one off family outing! One member of the family gets to be with him during the class and Ayden looked like he was having fun haha! Well daddy had lots of fun. Mummy was happily snapping photos!

Also in this month, I had an engagement event to shoot. It was my first photo assignment since I gave birth. I ached everywhere!

No wonder I was exhausted! But with Ayden’s lil smile to come home to everyday, nothing is too much!


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