Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ayden's First Time Out

Ayden is almost 3 months old and I am SO behind in updating my blog with his developments.

We had a wonderful weekend, and weekends has always been fun and exciting since Ayden came into our lives. We LOVE taking him out and he LOVES going out! He does not fuss at all and outings are easy and very manageable. However… it was not that easy to begin with.

When Ayden was born I was determined to be able to take Ayden out by myself. So I was adamant in ensuring that I will be able to cope on my own. I was not keen on the idea of dragging a maid along with me (if hubby is not around that is). So when Ayden was one month old, and according to Chinese confinement rules, Ayden is allowed to go out. I chose to take him to Ikea on his first trip out as it was baby friendly. So off I went, packed his diaper bag, carefully ensuring that he had enough diapers and wet wipes. I lugged his stroller into the car, first making sure that I knew how to 'open' and 'close' it quickly. Thankfully I already knew how the carseat buckles work. Really, these things are probably no brainers, but when you have a crying baby, everything seem to be a blur!

So I made sure Ayden was fed and changed before we left. I bundled him into his carseat and off we went. All was good. He was good in his seat. Ikea was only about a 10 minute drive from my house, so the journey was not that challenging. It was a week day then, as I wanted to make sure that I can get a parking space easily. When I arrived, I was surprised to see Ikea's parking was not as empty as I thought it would be. The Family parking bay was full, so I had to park at the regular bay. The Family parking bay is wider than the regular ones to accommodate for loading and unloading strollers etc. I parked, unloaded the stroller and thankfully remembered how to 'open' the stroller. Carefully I unbuckled Ayden from the seat and lifted him from the carseat. So far… so good! He was slightly cranky but all was good. Quickly we made our way to the entrance of the mall. So far… so good!

Since it was my first time out with a stroller, we do take things for granted. Eg, I can't go up the stairs anymore, I have to find a lift to go up instead. So off I went in search of a lift, which was obviously not my normal route around Ikea as we just take the stairs or escalators. As soon as we got to the furniture display floor, I suddenly became nervous. Should I stop by the changing room first, or shall I proceed with taking a stroll through the floor. Ayden looked a bit agitated, but seems ok still. So I took a chance and proceeded through the furniture display hall.

Not even 5 minutes on, Ayden grew more and more agitated. And then…. MELT DOWN. Major PANIC for me! I could have shouted MAYDAY!! I made a Bee line for the changing room. We got changed and I gave Ayden a feed. Exhausted (already!) we decided to head home. I placed Ayden back into his stroller and we made our way out to the carpark again. By this time, I think we hardly spent 45 mins at Ikea.

As soon as we got to the carpark, Ayden was yelling his lil head off again. Spot the new mum a mile away, I was almost in tears myself trying to pay for the parking ticket at the autopay machine. I wheeeezed to my car and strapped Ayden to his carseat. My poor baby was crying with his cute little faced streamed with tears. Now all I need to do is to 'close' the stroller. In a panic, my mind went BLANK and I've totally forgotten how to do it. Short of screaming out for help, I tug and tug at lever but the darn stroller just would not fold! By this time poor Ayden was drenched in tears wondering when mommy is going to take him home. Finally one of the switches or levers must have given way and got the stroller folded. Quickly I threw it into the car, I jumped in myself and drove off. Ayden was still screaming his head off and I did my best to keep calm.

Thankfully there was no traffic and the drive home was not even 10 minutes long.

Both of us shaken, I vowed not to go out alone with Ayden, not in this early days anyway.

Thinking back the incident in the carpark, it was actually quite hilarious. But I was not laughing that hard back then!

Now, I've got it all figured out and made sure Ayden is fed and changed before we leave the house. His feeding and pooping times are also more predictable and 'stable' now so much much easier. Now we just LOVE going out and I know Ayden loves outings too.

This picture was taken when Ayden was 2 months old.

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