Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We had such a fantabulous weekend!!

I took Friday off to sleep in because I've been so exhausted with all the photoshoots and editing work. Ayden and I slept in until 10am. We were suppose to go for Bumps and Muffins at Fit For 2 at 11.30am so I quickly got him and myself ready and off we went.

It was a good turn out at Bumps and Muffins that morning! Bumps and Muffins at Fit For 2, Bangsar Village 2 is where mums and mums to be gather and share experiences or just chat over free mini muffins and ginger tea. That morning we were meant to talk about babies and swimming but since there were lots of pregger moms and new mums like me, Debbie, who runs Fit For 2 decided to talk about Birth Experience instead. I dragged along my dear friend Kaz that morning who also brough her 6 week old baby Dean. We also met Magda, my Swiss classmate from my pregnancy yoga class. Her baby is also about one month old. So there were lots of new mums and definitely lots of sharing happening that morning! Not to mention we also scared the 'mums to be' with our birth stories. Its so nice to be with other new mums as it makes me feel more 'human' with my crazy first month mum experience.

After the sharing session, which was an hour long, Ayden had his lunch and I decided to have my lunch too. Did I mention that food at Fit For 2 is delicious?! Its very healthy too! I had the chicken quesadillas which also had a small portion of salad with a very yummy vinaigrette dressing.

The reason for my day off was also to do some shopping. After lunch we headed downstairs and to my pleasant surprise Zara was on sale! I was sooo excited and almost could not contain myself! Haha! Its been a long time since I've been shopping and since I LOVE Zara, it was a GREAT surprise that they had a sale. Cuffz was also on sale, they had 70% off women shirts! So I ended up buying 2 for RM107! A real bargain! By this time Ayden was already sleepy and cranky so I sent Ayden and his nanny home and I came back for more Zara! I did not buy that many stuff at Zara, not as much as I would like to anyway. I bought a jacket, a pink top, new work trousers (larger size than what I used to wear! Oh my!) and a long sweater top thingy. With the 2 new shirts I got at Cuffz, I got plenty of work clothes now! Unfortunately all one size up! OH NO! But hey, we've got to face the reality haven't we.

After I was done shopping, and since I was blissfully by myself, I decided to have cake and coffee at Marmalade. The cakes in display was too tempting. I ordered the carrot cake to go with my long black. BIG MISTAKE. I never thought they could go wrong with carrot cake, but they did. Probably the worst I've had in my life. Oh well, what waste of calories!

So that was a fantastic Friday, although I forgot about Friday rush hour traffic going home and got stuck for TWO HOURS where otherwise it would have taken only 20 minutes to get home.

Saturday morning Ayden had a birthday party. A friend's daughter turned 6 years old and the theme of her party was Barbie Mariposa! How sweet! Ayden had a little tattoo done on his arm. We wanted to do face painting but the queue was too long and the radio that they had right next to the face painting counter was too loud for my poor 4 month old. All my girlfriends Oooooh'ed and Aaaaaah'ed at my bunny, which of course makes mummy very proud.

After the party I had to drop off Ayden home and I had to rush off to a dental appointment, not so exciting but I guess it had to be done.

We had Sunday brunch at Harrods KLCC. I had the breakfast set while hubby had the salted beef sandwhich. Both were yummy. It cost an arm and a leg to eat at that restaurant but I guess it was a treat, since we don't really eat out that much nowadays.

After that we took Ayden swimming at the pool at my sister's condominium. A few weeks ago we tried getting Ayden to go into the pool but he screamed because the water was far too cold. It was shortly after the rain and dumbass mummy did not think about water temperature at that time. This time we are cleverer (hopefully) and went out during the hottest time of day hoping that the pool water would be warmer for my first timer. He cried for the first few minutes and clearly looked uncomfortable in the not so cold(not so warm either) water. After he discovered he could kick and float, my bunny paddled like a natural swimmer! We were SO SURPRISED! Ayden was SO EXCITED swimming. He kicked his legs and waved his arms as though he was actually swimming. I supported him under his armpits and laid him on his tummy in the water, and he paddled and kicked like he's been swimming forever. My 4 month old loves swimming!!

We took him out of the water as soon as we saw that his toes were wrinkly. He was about 15 minutes in the water. We took him upstairs, got him into a warm shower, gave him some milk and he slept like a log! Haha! My bunny was exhausted from his exciting first time swimming in the pool.
So that was an exciting and fun long weekend for all of us. Weekends used to be boring and we thought hanging out in cafe's sipping coffee watching the world go by was fun. Having a baby in our lives tips the scale in what FUN is all about.

Have a pleasant week!

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