Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ayden is 4 months old!

Ayden turned 4 months old on the 19th of July. It’s amazing how much he has grown, developed, learned, and changed over the months. If you think about it, what was 4 months before baby came along? That's just over a quarter of the year. We were probably busy hitting quarterly business targets. Just work, work and more work.

The last 4 months has been the most amazing in our lives and it gets more and more exciting as Ayden becomes more interactive with us and more aware of his surroundings. At 4 months old, Ayden can definitely see better now. He watches us as we move around the room, or watch his train set whirl around in its tracks. He smiles back at us, even giggles and laughs out loud when we try to amuse him. He loves looking at himself in the mirror and really cracks up when we play “hide and seek” at the mirror. We disappear by moving his view out of the mirror and back again. It really cracks him up. He loves being kissed, he loves hugs and loves chatting with us. He just loves everything we do with him. He hardly ever complains except when he is hungry and when he wants to sleep. He does this funny thing when he is sleepy, he whines on and on in until he falls asleep. It is actually hilarious!

Without me realizing, Ayden is actually a very easy baby. When he had a stuffed nose he does not even complain or cry, he just looked surprised! He had an expression that says “whats going on?” and wiggles his head side to side. It was so funny! Although it was difficult for him to suck for milk he just breaks for air every now and again. We took him out to an afternoon kenduri last week, one of hubby’s nephews got married and he did not mind the heat at all! I was surprised! Mommy was absolutely melting in the heat. I don't usually like these afternoon outdoor kenduri’s but I wanted Ayden to experience it and meet his cousins. He surprised mommy by being absolutely ok. That's my boy!!

He LOVES his Atok! Atok loves talking to him and Ayden seem to talk back at him. Such a wonder to watch. He does not even do that with me. Atok asks him a question and he makes a sound back as though answering him :)

Sometime over the last few weeks I think he went through a growth spurt. He suddenly wanted milk every 2 hours no matter what amounts we gave him. He was on 4-4.5oz. We pushed to 5 oz which he sometimes finishes and sometimes does not. At 2 hourly feeds he feeds 5 times a day while I am at work. Nowadays I can only express milk for 3 – 4 feeds, that makes one feed short. We supplement that missing feed with formula or sometimes frozen BM. I also wanted to introduce formula to him once in a while just incase I am not able to give him BM. At least I know he will be able to take it ok. So far so good, Ayden has no problems with BM. He also woke up twice at night for feeds instead of once. But just this week as he entered into his 4th month, he is back to once a night feeds and 4 feeds a day. I guess growth spurt is over!

Every little thing that Ayden does amazes us. He has brought so much joy to our lives. I feel that I don't do enough for him. It makes me feel so sad that I have to leave him at home during the day while I go to work. I really wish I can be with him every second of the day.

Mommy loves you so much Ayden.

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