Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An experience at Musikgarten

Fit For 2 Bangsar Village also runs Musikgarten classes for newborns. You can bring them as early as one month old and the newborn classes accommodate babies up to 6 months.

We brought Ayden for Musikgarten when he was 2 months old. The aim was actually just to have a fun day out. I thought it would also be good to socialize with other parents and for Ayden to meet other babies his age. A parent has to accompany the baby during the class but both mummy and daddy can be in the class as well, the instructor does not mind as the class is quite small.

So hubby accompanied Ayden in his class while I took pictures. Its really a very simple class. Everyone sits on yoga mats on the floor, both parent and baby. The instructor sings and claps and we just follow. That's it! She also has bells and scarves that we play with during the class. At the end of the class we all get up and dance. The class was only 45 mins. Just right for babies in this age group because any longer they might get bored and start to fret. Ayden appeared to be amused and attentive throughout the class. He did not cry at all but looked curiously at everybody and everything.

It was a simple and quite fun experience. We went twice to this class, I don’t think its worthwhile signing up for a whole package. We would like to pick and mix with other types of activities at different places so that Ayden can be exposed to other things too.

We will try Gymboree next.

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