Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fasting and Breast Feeding

I was nervous about fasting and breast feeding during this Ramadhan. On a normal day, I get very hungry and thirsty very quickly. I was also concerned that my milk supply would be less.

So the first day I decided not to fast. After reading about friends who BF on FB and successfully fasted I thought I give it a try. And I did ... and it went well! There was no significant change in my milk supply either. I made sure I drank lots and lots of water the night before and had plenty of supplements. I felt no different than I would normally when I fast. The first few days I just felt extra tired in the evening and that was all.

However 2 nights ago I forgot to make sure I drank lots, the following day, there was a significant drop by more than half the amount, of milk. I decided not to fast that day as I also felt extra weak.

So lesson learnt, drink lots after breaking fast if you are breast feeding.

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