Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wisdom no more…

A few weeks ago I had a surgery feared by most. I had my wisdom tooth extracted. Allow me to clarify, a FEW extracted… to be more specific… THREE was extracted!! One on my upper deck, 2 on the lower deck. Ship Ahoy, it was definitely NOT a pleasant experience. I thought to myself, before making this brave decision, since I had a baby removed from my tummy, why not 3 teeth. How much worst can it be??

WELLL…. Definitely a WHOLE lot more WORST!!

The original plan was to remove just 2 (TWO). One on the upper left gum, one on lower right gum. The one on the lower right already has cavity and is erupting sideways. So whether I like it or not, it has to be removed. Lower gum wisdom tooth needs to be removed under sedation. So my dentist told me, since you are under, why don't you remove the upper left one, which has fully erupted. My dentist, an old friend from school, usually refers surgical procedures to a dental surgeon in the city.

I was nervous as hell, even though I told myself it was going to be a piece of cake. After all, I will be sedated and sleeping. If painful… take painkillers. Piece of cake! I called the clinic a day before to ask, how long the whole procedure would take. She said, including x- rays, about an hour. I thought, wow! Not bad, must be simple then.

So the morning came, and I was ready. We took an x-ray and to my dismay, my left lower wisdom tooth, was growing the same way as my right…. Sideways. The surgeon said, well…. History usually repeats itself and high chance that it would erupt the same way as your other wisdom tooth. May as well take it out too. I thought, ok… since I am sedated, and since it is going to be a PIECE OF CAKE…. Why not. So I told the dentist, lets go for it.

They put me under. It was a simply injection into my veins on the back of my hand. I went to sleep easily. And then I woke up… ALL DONE! PIEACE OF CAKE! I was still woozy but happy that it was all over and I did not feel any pain… at that time. We left the clinic and even managed to run some chores! Everything was still numb. I was given antibiotics and yes… painkillers, which was only ponstant. I told the dentist I was breastfeeding, so he says, ponstant is ok.

The next day, my gums started to ache slightly. More so on my lower left gum… from the tooth we did not plan to remove. We went out for Sunday brunch, everything was still bearable but both cheeks were slightly swollen and I looked like a chipmunk. By evening, the swell on my left cheek was the size of an egg! It also turned BLUE BLACK! I looked like I was punched in the face! The pain was also getting unbearable, ponstant was not helping. I was using cold compress all evening and that night I could not sleep. I was also very hungry! I could not eat much. Only the porridge my mum made.

The next day I decided to call the dentist to ask if it was normal to bruised and so swollen. He told me to come in so he can give me a jab for the swell. So I went in and received my injection. He said the swell was due to an internal bleeding on that gum. The other two gums were fine and healing normally. I also told the dentist that ponstant was not working and I asked for the painkillers I had post C section!

Over the next few days, the swell gradually subsided. The bruise took a little longer, infact it took a week to go away. My lower gums were swollen for almost 2 weeks and I could not eat properly even though it did not hurt. I also could not open my mouth wide, burgers were definitely out of the question then!

Now, over 2 weeks post extraction, everything feels normal. That's a very long recovery!

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abigail said...

omg u r lucky, i had 4 removed in the chair wth just the needles! didnt even put me under! and yes i live in a civilised country! was very painful and one was growng around my facial nerve! thank goodness the dentist was cute! was a very nice distraction!