Monday, August 23, 2010

Ramadhan thus far

Its been good. Not terribly eventful, but good.

I am not really a fan of buka puasa buffets neither do I get many company invites. So we usually get our iftar spread from the Ramadhan Bazaar. But this year, 2 weeks into Ramadhan, I have not personally been to any bazaars! I get to leave early but I rather go home to my Pumpkin. So hubby has been going by himself and brings home dinner. On nights where he has company do’s I’ll just raid the fridge which is usually filled to the brim with leftovers.

We did however have a buka puasa do with friends last Friday at Subak. They were friends from my previous company and we used to have monthly makan-makan get togethers. We’d take turns recommending a restaurant every month. Subak is really a nice place to have dinner so we decided to try their Ramadhan spread. At RM50 nett it was not too bad a price.

Subak is tucked into one of the hills at Kampung Sungai Penchala. It has a cosy, romantic kampung feel and lots and lots of green surrounding the restaurant. Subak serves local as well as western food but for Ramadhan, their menu was traditional malay. Usually Ramadhan buffets are terribly crowded but at Subak, it was not too bad. The variety of dishes was not that large, but was very tasty! When a dish is finished, they will replace with something totally different. So if you missed out on a particular dish, they won’t replenish, they will replace it with something else. The desserts were really good too! Also traditional malay kuih’s. Looked simple but very tasty. Sorry no pictures! Was too busy eating and chatting.

Besides the good food, we had good company. We had a good laugh and it’s been a while since I saw my friends. I missed them very much. So much so, we’ve planned to arrange another get together before Raya. I think this round, we will do Lala Chong! Or wait, I think Klang seafood is good too ….. drools!

So this is me getting my bubur lambuk at Subak. I look like I just came out of the forest :)

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