Monday, August 23, 2010

Ayden turns 5 months old!

Our little pumpkin just turned 5 months and he is getting cheekier by the day!

He makes funny faces now! He will make pooo poooo noises while blowing bubbles. He can even cry and smile at the same time! When he catches us looking at him while he is complaining about something, he actually breaks into a smile! Oh my he is SO cheeky!!

He also laughs a lot nowadays and it is easy to set him off giggling. My little pumpkin is a happy boy :) When we wake him up in the morning, he always wakes with a smile followed by an intense expression because that means he is filling up his diapers haha!! So cute.

We took him for his first haircut over the weekend. He was too small to sit on the block that they put on the chair so little children can sit, so he sits on my lap. He was good and did not cry but frowned curiously and looked intensely at himself in the mirror. Towards the end he got bored of sitting still so long and starting crying. The Auntie who was cutting his hair was swift and quick with her scissors and did the job really well.

At 5 months old Ayden is still not sleeping through the night. We are back on the Gina Ford routine and see how it goes. I hope he at least starts sleeping at 10pm because in the last few weeks, he's been falling asleep really late. As late as midnight! After reading Gina Ford, I discovered that he sleeps too long during the day. He naps in the morning for as long as 3 hours and almost 2 hours in the afternoon. According to Gina Ford, he shouldn't be napping longer than a total of 3 hours during the day! So we started last Friday on her routine and slowly, Ayden is sleeping earlier. BUT he still wakes up every half an hour and I have to pick him up, pat him and put him down again. And I do this several times before he falls into deep sleep. Recently I also  bought the Baby Whisperers book, also a highly recommended book for getting babies to sleep. Fingers cross I hope we get into a good routine soon!

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