Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Padang and padang...

OK I know I am bad at local foods, but I did not know that there were 2 kinds of Nasi Padang. One is the Indonesian Padang and the other is the Negeri Padang, or better known as Nasi Padang Minang.

When one steps into either Padang restaurant, it is easy not to notice which one it was. I mean, I can't tell. They all serve the food the same way. And the waitresses or staff there are usually Indonesians anyway. But both are unmistakably yummy.

At these Padang restaurants you basically just sit yourselves down at the table, and they will just bring in the dishes. You either accept all of them, or choose which one you want. Basically if you are not selective with the dishes, your table will be filled to the brim!  But If it is on your table but and you don't eat it, they don't charge you for it. Interesting concept! If it lands on your table, you WOULD be tempted to have it.

Few nights ago we had our Ifar at Selero Negori, a Negeri Sembilan Padang food. Located at TTDI, it is a small and quiet restaurant. It was not busy with the Iftar crowd. On the contrary, the restaurant was half empty. That does not mean that it is not popular, but I have no clue why that night it was so quiet. But it was my first time there. I've heard so much about it and I have a friend who is an avid fan of that restaurant. The choices of dishes is not that many compared to many Padang restaurants, but the ones they had were DELICIOUS. My favourite was the ikan keli salai masak lemak. Their begedil was also nice. Also amongst many others, their deep friend kampong chicken, daging dendeng and pucuk ubi masak lemak. It was so good that we will be going there again next week :)


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