Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My water baby

We took Ayden to the swimming pool for the first time when he was about 3.5 months old.

I was careful as I did not want him to get scared and get put off the pool. So the first time we just sat on the side and I let his little feet get wet. He was already looking worried as the water was very cold and there were other kids splashing about in the pool. I thought I was careful, but I chose the wrong time of day. We were there in the evening and by that time, the water was too cold for my little boy. A good time would have been late morning or after noon. We attempted to dip him into the water but he wailed because the water was just too cold.

The next time, we tried again. This time after noon, on a hot sunny day. We went to the children's pool. A friend gave me a tip, get his little bottom in first not feet first so he gets used to the water temperature. So in we went, bottom first. I gingerly lowered him into the water. Again he cried but not for long! He realized quite quickly that he could kick and splash while I supported him under his armpits. Barely 5 minutes in the water and my little bunny was splashing and kicking away! It was amazing! It was said that babies are natural in water, but I did not expect to see it for myself! Truly amazing! Ayden really enjoys the water.

So the next few times we went to the pool, Ayden would cry a little bit when he first enters the water, but that crying got shorter and shorter the more often we went swimming. We would be in the water for only a maximum of 15 minutes. He was after all, by this time, only 4 months old. Did not want him to catch a chill.

To make things more interesting we got him a floatie. The one where he can put his feet through into the water. We thought he would really like it. But he seems bored just bobbing about in the water. Once we took him out and back into the water, he was happily splashing away! He did not even seem to mind when water got into his eyes and mouth.

In the next few sessions, I might try dunking him into the water completely. Apparently babies naturally know how to hold their breath under water.

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