Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I cook!! Yes I do!

I am not very good at local malay dishes. Chinese stir fry's I can do. But Malays dishes I am quite clueless. 

So, I am determined to make a change and learn to cook more local dishes. A friend told me I should start with ayam masak merah. 

I decided to start with rendang ayam....

There is a lady at the market in TTDI that has pre blended fresh onions, chilli's and other spices so that we don't have to do the hardwork ourselves at home. Also, you can just tell her what you want to cook and she will whip out the ingredients for you. So I told her I wanted to make chicken rendang. And so she mixes all the required spices for me. All I need to do when I get home is heat some oil, plunk in the spices I bought from her, put in the chicken, santan, fresh tumeric and lime leaves and kerisik. Of course this bit I also  her to I should go about before getting home.

And I did it! I cooked chicken rendang all by myself! Easy peasy!

 So since I was putting all the effort to cook, I decided to go all out and cook a whole meal. Nasi lemak! My neighbour had given me some petai so I cooked that too, with prawns. The spices
 also from that lovely lady at the market. 

To go with the nasi lemak I also made fried ikan biliks, sambal tumis and boiled eggs. A complete nasi lemak meal! I invited my whole family as well as inlaws for buka puasa and they loved it. 

I think I will make chicken rendang for Raya this year too! 

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Rin said...

You must tell me which lady at the TTDI market! Senang nye if she can just blend the spices for you based on what you want to cook! It would be wonderful for me not hving a maid and all!