Thursday, September 02, 2010

And yes I bake too!!

Its Raya season, hence also baking season. Typically we buy our Raya cookies, but this year, since I am in a domestic goddess mood, decided to bake my own cookies this year.

I began with a status shoutout on FB asking who has some good cookie recipes. After some replies, I received some good websites and a Famous Amos cookie recipe! I know the internet has loads of recipes, but sometimes the recipes are just not yummy. It has to be tried and tested. One website that I was recommended which I really liked is Apparently my friend has tried a few recipes and she said they were good. So I went through the site and decided to try the Peanut Butter cookie, since I am a huge fan of peanut butter.

And it turned out delicious! Sorry no pictures as I was enthusiastically baking :)

So excited with the excellent results I decided to try another recipe. I found a raisin cookie recipe. But since its Ramadhan, we received a lot of dates as gifts. So I decided to replace the raisins with chopped dates instead and it turned out great too! But the recipe was for a soft and chewy type of cookie instead of crunchy. So would have been better if the cookie was slightly crunchier. Luckily I only made one batch of it.

Finally, I decided to try the Famous Amos cookie my friend gave me. I had to half the recipe as it was 122 cookies was far too many for my little oven to bake. And it turned out great too! And I also managed to take some pictures.

Here goes!

So this year we have 3 home made Raya cookies. I am so proud of myself :)

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