Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Starting on solids

Ayden has turned 6 months old and we have started on solids

Its so much fun! I make my own fruit and veg purees, freeze them in ice cube trays and defrost whatever I need for the day. This way I get to serve a variety of fruit and veg to him everyday without cooking troublesome small amounts everyday.

I started off with organic cereal, one table spoonful mixed with BM. He took his first bite really well! Surprisingly he enjoyed the first taste and his first meal was fuss free. We were on cereal only for about 3 days before I introduced carrots, one cube plus one tablespoon of cereal. Eventually I introduced broccoli, apple and sweet potato. I tried avocado, which is packed full of nutrients for babies, but he threw up everything. Even though tasteless, the texture was probably too much for him. Smooth, but has a waxy after taste.

He still gets BM inbetween his solid meals. I was hoping that he sleeps longer at night but he still gets up once for a feed. He does not seem that hungry when he feeds though, so I am suspecting that he is habitually waking up for a quick latch.

I really do hope that he eventually sleeps through even though his once a night feed does not really bother me that much. At the moment we co-sleep and if he sleeps through, it means that I get to put him into his cot instead of sleeping with me.

Every milestone is just FUN FUN FUN.

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