Thursday, October 14, 2010

In his 6th month

Ayden is babbling in sentences now. It's as though he is telling us something, or rather, complaining about something. It is so hilarious to watch. My bunny is growing before my eyes, it's almost surreal.

He is more interactive with us. He expresses likes and dislikes…. Probably more often dislikes haha! He states what he wants by whining and looking at what he wants eg his bottle. I also notice now that if I ask him if he wants nenen (milk) he responds!

We got him a jumperoo since he likes jumping so much. So to spare our poor arms I bought a secondhand jumperoo online and he LOVES it! He laughs and squels and can go on for half an hour non stop. And much to my amusement, his grandmother thinks that he might hurt his poor little feet while jumping, she insisted that he wore shoes in the jumperoo!!

And probably like many babies in the world, Ayden LOVES ELMO! I really don't know what's fascinating with the annoying red, furry creature but Ayden is captivated by him. We can run Elmo's Ducks on youtube ten over times and he will watch it over and over again. Same goes with Elmo's ABC.

In his 6th month Ayden is able to sit up on his own! Well at least for a reasonable while before he gets tired and tumbles forward. Very cool! But he is still not crawling. He lifts his butt in the air while lying on his tummy but that was about it.

He has no problems eating. So far he is only resisting to broccoli, which apparently should not be the first foods that I should be giving him anyway. So far he has apple and cereal for breakfast and carrot or sweet potato and cereal for lunch. I skip dinner as apparently in the early days of eating solids I should not be cutting out milk as he will get too full from his food and not want milk.

I'm having so much fun making his purees. Its so easy to do. I freeze them in ice cube trays and tip them into a lock and lock container and store in the freezer and take out the portions I need. Its so satisfying to see Ayden eating healthy food. I go organic as much as I can. Organic veg is very limited in variety, so whatever I can't get organic I will get the non organic ones. But for leafy veg I will get organic only as pesticides are sprayed directly onto leafy veg. Root veg I am not too concerned. I also get organic cereal for Ayden, which cost and arm and a leg but I guess it is worth the sacrifice. His cereal are mixed with breastmilk and not hot water so the taste is still familiar to him.

I really try to be as hands on as possible with Ayden to make up for the time I have to be away from him at work. Although I have a maid, I make his purees and organize what he eats the next day i.e defrost the pureed veg. On weekends I will try and give him his baths. After work, I will try and give him his evening bath and get him into his peejays. If I can I will get home early so I can take him to the playground or evening walks.

My priority is Ayden Iskandar my little hero.

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flowerella said...

Hi Lin,

It's been a while since I last posted anything here (when u were still in early stage of pregnancy, that a while ago LOL).

Happy feeding Ayden! For starting baby on solids, I always rely on Annabel Karmel for the wonderful recipes.

Again, have fun eating and experimenting with food :)