Thursday, November 18, 2010

In his 7th month

Another month filled with joy and new discoveries… both for Ayden AND mummy!

Ayden eats 3 solid meals a day now. We've also introduced rice porridge made with anchovy stock and fish. He seems ok with it. I've also tried giving him steamed salmon mixed with veg but he did not like that at all! Got to look at omega 3 alternatives. We tried giving him avocados again and this time he takes it easily… thank god! Am not giving up on the super foods!

He's almost CRAWLING! Right now he mops the floor with his chest when he "pushes" himself around. It is hilarious to watch. He turns around really quickly on his tummy too! But slowly he is working out that he should be using his knees and legs so he gets into the "plank" position but comes down onto his tummy again when he wants to move forward. Because he discovered that he could get around on his own, its hard to keep him seated on my lap for very long. He insists on getting on the floor instead. He is constantly moving non-stop!

He babbles a lot. There is no sign of any legible words yet…not even mummy, or mama.... ok sometimes there is dada.... but I'm trying to be in denial and pass it off as a meaningless bable haha!
He is a very happy baby. He smiles a lot more and laughs a lot more now. He smiles at anybody who looks at him and just about anything makes him laugh. Making funny faces at him or tickling his tummy sends him into peels of laughter. I love my bunny.

We've not seen our paed for over a month now so I have no idea how much he weights or how he is going health wise. Our pead has been away all month and he is not helpful with new mummy questions anyway. I find that he rushes through the appointment and is not very accommodating when I have something to ask. I think its time to change to a different pead perhaps.

We finally went out for an outdoor photoshoot! Again, better late than never. Really happy with the shots.

This month I signed Ayden up to classes at Gymboree. It is a package of 6 and we have to go for 6 consecutive weeks. So far Ayden's enjoying the classes and so have I! He does not cry when he sees other babies, infact he is socializing very well now!

We finally did his Aqiqah and potong jambul at 7.5 months. Better late than never! My poor boy is still afraid of loud noises and during the marhaban is screamed like he was being abused! Poor thing. I could only watch helplessly.

This month, I am starting to wean off Ayden from feeding directly from me and I am also gradually reducing my milk supply by expressing less. Its been about 3 weeks now since I've reduced the number of times I express a day and my milk supply is noticeably less. I feel so sad but I have to stop some time. Ayden gets formula in his night feeds but expressed BM during the day. The amount of BM I express although less, is still enough for Ayden's day time feed. I hope to maintain a low supply and not completely stop.

Ayden is able to wave good bye to people leaving, but don't understand that he should be waving good bye when HE is leaving. Its hilarious!

He turns 8 months tomorrow and I am excited what other new things he will be doing.

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