Friday, November 19, 2010

Ayden's Holiday in Penang

This is a seriously long outstanding post! We took Ayden for his first holiday and his first time ever to the beach in Penang over the Hari Raya holidays.

We stayed at Shangri La Rasa Sayang. Its our second time there. Our first time was for our wedding anniversary 2 years ago! Now we are back with our baby.

We had the Garden View room and it came with a HUGE bed.

They have us a complimentary cot for Ayden too! All made up with sheets, blanket and pillow. They also provided us with a baby bath tub. Thats cool service for you!
We took Ayden to the beach and to get his first dip in the sea. Well, just his little feet wet.
Then we headed to the beach to make some sandcastles, helped by mummy.

After a while, Ayden got quite good at sandcastles, he could do one on his own! (NOT!) heheh

Some day Ayden will be able to ride a banana boat :)

We also went swimming in the hotel's HUGE swimming pool. Ayden liked the pool better than the beach.

After much coaxing, daddy relented and we went to the Butterfly Farm. Although Ayden does not know much yet, I thought it would be cool to take a stroll anyway. We saw butterflies, fish...

and HUGE lizards!!
We spent 2 nights at Shangri La and had a great time! I anticipated that taking Ayden out for a holiday would be stressful, but it was the complete opposite! He was good the whole time! But we made sure that he was well rested, fed, and tried not to do too much in one day.
We had a GREAT time!
Believe it or not another Penang holiday is coming up and this time at the Hard Rock Hotel Penang!! Stay tune for story and pictures!

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