Friday, November 19, 2010

Gymboree at Bangsar Village

When Ayden turned 7 months, I decided to sign him up at Gymboree. Simply because, Ayden needs to get out more and socialize with other babies. As with mummy too!

Because I'm a working mum, Ayden does not go out much. And because he is the first of his generation, he does not have any cousins to play with either! He is constantly surrounded by adults and not children. As a result, the very rare occasion he meets other babies, he SCREAMS!

I don't want to be wondering around shopping malls aimlessly just so I can take Ayden out. I don't exactly want Ayden to become a shopping mall baby! So I thought, Gymboree is a good idea.

Gymboree is basically a play class, although they have music classes for babies too. They limit per group to a maximum of 15 babies. Each baby has to be accompanied by an adult. Classes are categorized according to age groups, and Ayden is in the 6-10 months age group.

His class particularly has around 10 babies. All at different developmental stages, although they are in the same age group. Some can crawl, some can't, some are wanting to stand already. Although the each baby is to be accompanied by an adult, they seem to allow both mums and dads, or basically 2 adults. Which is a great idea because it is rather tiring for just one adult!

The class begins with the Gymboree welcome song. It really gets the babies (and parents) excited and hyped up for the class. Then followed up singing while playing with baby and a short 5 minute parent sharing session (they talk about something different every week and they encourage each parent to speak and give some inputs/ ideas). After that we go to the gym equipment and play for about 10 minutes. All babies spread out and play at the 5 or 6 different equipment around the room, where they change the layout every 2 weeks. All activities at the class is changed every 2 weeks too so it does not get boring. Then there is bubble time, where the instructor will blow soap bubbles and this is when the babies gawk and stare at the bubbles in fascination lol! Finally we wrap up with a dance with Gymbo the class mascot.

The class is around 45 minutes and it is packed full with games and singing. So much so both parents and babies are tired out after the class. I usually give Ayden his bottle and he falls asleep immediately after his class.

I signed up for a package of 6 classes, which is the smallest package. You have to pay a membership fee and you can't go for individual classes. You must sign up for one of their packages. It works out to be RM48 per class for the package of 6 but gets cheaper for larger packages. For minimum package also you must go for consecutive weeks. They will not replace any classes you've missed. They also have their flexi package where the lady at the counter will only push for the largest package which cost RM1700 for 54 classes! This package you are able to mix with other classes eg the music class with the play class and go at any time you want provided you finish all 54 classes within one year.

So there you go. Gymboree is not the cheapest developmental class for babies but I am happy with the classes and both Ayden and I have lots of fun!

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