Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ayden is 10 months!

I missed so many posts!! Ayden is 10 months old today and I totally missed blogging on his 8th and 9th month!

So much has happened in the last 2 months. I am so amazed how a little human being can develop so rapidly. Whats 2 months in our lives? Absolutely nothing. But 2 months in a baby’s life…. is something else!

Ayden started crawling properly in his 8th month! He started with “swimming” on the floor sometime around his 7th month, but on his 8th month, he went on all fours. Well almost…. He crawls on one knee.. to be exact, on his right knee only while his left foot pushes his body forward. It was weird to watch, but when I posted his video on facebook, several of my friend’s babies did the same too! So Ayden is not that weird then.

In his 8th month also, Ayden’s two upper front teeth broke through his gums. No more gummy smiles from my gummy bear. His pearly whites are huge!

Since he is showing some teeth, in his 8th month, I moved him from purees to lumps. I’ve also started giving plain bread, which he absolutely LOVES!

In his 9th month Ayden seems to understand what we tell him and pick up what we teach him. So far he can wave good bye, where he gives a demure wave just by moving his hands from his wrist.

He can sign milk!! Yes he can!! Not only he just sign it, he can sign it when he actually wants milk! He can connect being hungry and asking for milk! We are so proud of him! He can also do the chinese rhyme “dim chung chung” very well by pointing his index finger into his other open palm. And just last week, he could  gesture “no more” by opening both palms facing up!

Lots of crawling, and cruising this month. I seriously do  not know where this boy gets his energy. Mummy is certainly drained from chasing him around the house! We started hazard hunting around the house, removing things that may topple over should Ayden grab it and tries to stand. And for some odd reason as well, he just loves the fridge. Everytime someone opens the fridge, he rushes towards it.

Unfortunately for a baby his age, Ayden goes to bed at night far too late. As late as midnight sometimes. If you have been following my blog, I’ve started Ayden on a sleep routine since he was born! But that seem to have very little effect on his sleep habits. I gave up after 5 months and decided to take a break and let Ayden sleep when he is ready, thinking that since he is more active, he might get tired earlier. We were so WRONG! At 9pm he is still playful and laughing. So I decided to try again and started to wind him down for bed from 9pm. Seems to be working. At least he sleeps at 10pm and not midnight. Yes it takes almost an hour to wind him down.

So that’s my bunny in the last 2 months. Full of fun, laughter and surprises! 

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