Friday, January 21, 2011

A picnic at the park

During my Thaipusam day off I decided to wake up early instead of sleeping in. I decided to take Ayden for a walk and picnic at TTDI park.

It was a nice and not too humid morning. Infact it was slightly cloudy. It almost  looked like it was going to rain. We packed our picnic food and went along with our plans nevertheless.

By the time we got Ayden ready, it was almost 9am. I thought by this time, the park would probably be a bit more quiet as TTDI park is usually very crowded earlier in the morning. When I got there, I was shock. It was PACKED full with people. Young, old, cyclist, very large families… they were all enjoying the national holiday… the healthy way. I was impressed!

Since hubby was still in Melaka for work, it was just me and my maid with Ayden. I prepared Ayden’s food, smashed banana and prunes and some biscuits. For me, egg mayo sandwhich and coffee. The maid already had breakfast so she did not have anything. I brought along Ayden’s bumbo seat and a picnic cloth so I could lay it on the grass and Ayden could crawl and play.

We took a slow stroll around the lake, admiring the view and watched people do their morning exercise, kids playing and families enjoying themselves in the little stream. Ayden seems to be enjoying himself too. I planned on setting up by the stream on the grass, but it turned out the grass was still wet from the morning dew. So we looked for a picnic table instead and I chose one that overlooked the playground. I set up the table and Ayden’s bumbo on the table so he can watch the kids play in the playground while he ate.

It was so much fun and relaxing! After his banana and prune puree, Ayden munched a biscuit which now he is able to feed himself very well. After Ayden ate, the maid took him to the play at the playground while I had my sandwhich. Such bliss watching my little one play and enjoy himself. As soon as I finished my breakfast I joined them. I took him on the slides, and let him crawl on the ground. Am not fussed about how dirty he gets, as long as he enjoys himself.

As it was getting too hot, we decided to leave. Taking again a slow and lazy stroll.

Such a simple morning activity but made the day off so much fun and fulfilling. I just love going out and doing things with Ayden. After we came back, I took a quick shower and dashed off to meet a friend for brunch. Ayden apparently slept for ages after the picnic and had his lunch at 2pm! He can't be that tired from the picnic! Haha! Must be a growth spurt.

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