Wednesday, January 26, 2011

He stands on his own!

Yes at 10 months he stands on his own. I was in shock and disbelieve. My boy is a BIG boy now!

He started standing on his own about 2 weeks ago. He stands for a few seconds before he flops down again. Today, he managed to take 2 steps on his own towards the sofa. Then, while holding onto me with one hand, he is able to walk around the room, but at he can't control his speed just yet, so he sort of speeds around the room before flopping down again. Its hilarious!!

I was too busy enjoying the moment to take a picture or video. I hope I catch it again and this time with my camera ready!


citykoos said...

oh wow!!! he's fast babe! take la pics!!

Lin said...

kat FB ada video. So kelakar! Time flies Dils! And its so much fun!