Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ayden has turned 11 months!

Oh my what a whirlwind of developments in the last month. First he started standing on his own and we all cheered with excitement. And then he started walking just 2 weeks later and we were stunned!

We started noticing that perhaps he will start walking soon when he wanted to stand up from sitting on the floor. He lifts his bum off the ground but was too nervous to stand up. Then he started to let go while he was cruising on the sofa and the coffee table. Soon after he started to stand on his own and we cheered with joy! One day when my dad was at my house playing with Ayden, he took 2 -3 steps towards him! But when my dad told him to do it again he just won't! And this was just the day before I was going for a business trip so I was so upset as I was going to miss seeing him walk. I was afraid that by the time I came back he was already running around the living room.

When I came back he was still taking little nervous steps on his own but only when nobody was looking. I thought PHEW I did not miss much then. Before I left for my trip also, I bought him a push toy walker thing. You know, those things where you push like a trolley. I think that built his confidence in walking because just a week after that Ayden started walking confidently on his own! He was SO excited with his new found freedom and walked non stop in between naps all day! We were SO thrilled and surprised! I personally did not expect him to start walking so soon as he started crawling and teething really late. So last week I took him to the playground and for the first time he could walk on his own around and enjoy himself. You can see the excitement in his face.

AND… he's starting saying simple words like Mammah, daddahhh, nenen! I walked into the room one day and while his nanny was changing his dirty diaper he looked up at me and exclaimed "mammah!" That sent me to the MOON and back. That was the first time he consciously said Mammah. Before that it was experiments that sounded like mamam, mamama…. Kinda like practicing. Mammah was for real!

He can also say "there" … and point "there". Again I really did not expect him to start so early as usually boys start talking much much later. He is also able to copy our hand actions. He is able to follow Mickey Mouse lift his arms in the theme song in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse program. And he knows exactly when to do it! He also follows Ian Right's hand gestures in one of his ads promoting Canon Cameras. I am seriously amazed.

Yes people say kids grow really quickly… I am having problems keeping up with that fact!

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