Monday, February 28, 2011

I Am Ayden’s party planner!

One would never have thought why I would put in so much effort into Ayden's first birthday. Well, Ayden is our miracle baby and his first birthday is a major milestone. And it is a milestone for us too. Finally we have a bouncy baby boy in our lives. A bouncy baby boy who changed our lives, how we think, how we feel and most of all, how we love.

Ayden is indeed so special to us. It's just not a celebration of his first birthday. It is a celebration of him being in our lives, changing our lives forever.

It's so much fun planning his party! I was going to get a party planner to help me, but then I wanted to have a hand at the deco myself so I dropped that idea. I found a really cool theme from Birthday In a Box and ordered some personalized stuff like a birthday banner, some stickers for his party pack, a birthday button, some paper plates and napkins. A friend has a US shipping service so I used that to ship the stuff home. I don't know how much it will cost in the end, but what the heck. There is a party shop at Ikano that sells the same party stuff, i.e paper plates and matching napkins, cups. But they cost more than double from Birthday in A Box! And they did not have that many choices of themes. Birthday in A Box had SO MANY to choose from that I spent weeks deciding which one! So the theme is called One Special Boy, and it is real cute.

Last weekend we started shopping for more party stuff.

We had to have a piñata. I mean, I just think its so cool to have a piñata. Since Ayden is too small to hit a piñata, I bought a "pull piñata" for him. It's has a whole lot of ribbons at the bottom were all the kids can grab onto one and help the birthday pull. Isn't that sweet? I got this at a party shop at Ikano. But I had to get the sweets for the piñata myself. So off we went in search of a shop that sells sweets in bulk.

We were told of this shop that sells sweets and candies wholesale. Actually we were after this sandart kit that one of hubby's colleagues got for their family day at Penang a few months back. Each kit has a sandart sticker thing and a few packets of coloured sand. I thought, it's a whole lot cheaper than hiring the sandart stand, which in Malaysia costs around RM380 for 2 hours. At that wholesale shop, it comes up to around 50 sen per piece.. or the one that we managed to find was only 20 sen per piece because it's the smaller. But still… that's pretty good! But since the sand that came in those little packers were too little, I ended up  buying a sandart party pack at an art store for RM60, where it includes 12 colours of sand and 20 pieces of sandart stickers. Still not too bad.

So at that wholesale shop, which is located at Jalan Pasar, directly under the overhead via duct. we also bought a whole lot of candies for the piñata and party packs. They also had some small amounts of party favors like party blowers, masks and party hats, but they were not too pretty. They do have LOTS of party favor bags of various themes but I did not get my party favor bags there because I wanted a plain brown one, which I got from Bake with Yen, a baking store at Taman Megah.

For games, I planned a fishing game. Basically I am getting a large inflatable pool and fill it with a whole lot of fish. I bought some plastic containers from Carrefour so that each of Ayden's little guests will get to bring the fish home with them!

Along with a clown and some games by the clown, I hope Ayden and the kids will have a good time. It is simple and I am doing most of the deco myself according to the theme but I its right from my heart.

I hope my hired photographer will capture the precious and important moments of that day. I will be posting the pictures, once we get them.

Here are some other places for party stuff that my friends has shared with me which you may find helpful. All of them are located in the Klang Valley area. And I'm talking about Klang Valley, Malaysia :P (just incase I have international readers… which I doubt I do. If there is… do let me know who you are!)

Great place for balloons
Balloon Buzz. There is one at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. I believe there is another one at Great Eastern Mall, KL

Party shops
There is one at Ikano, same floor as Uncle Lim's kopitiam. I can't remember what its called! They have great themes and really cool party favors. But they are all really expensive. For other occasions like Halloween and Valentine's Day, their stuff are seriously fun.

Wholesale toys, sweets, party favors, party favor bags
One is at Jalan Pasar, under the via duct. This is the one I've been to. The sweets are seriously cheap and has LOTS of choices.
Another is at Lorong Hj Taib. I've not been there myself but my friends have. On that street they have toys wholesalers, party bags and sweets wholesalers. Apparently if you go early on a Sunday morning, you can park right infront for shop.

For very pretty and not so cheap party favor bags
Stationary shops and bookstores like Popular Bookshop. This info I got from a party planner. They do have very nice gift bags but depends on the amount of stock they have.
Not to miss out Mydin. I've never been there myself as I can't bear the jam and the number of people crammed under one roof, but many people tell me that they have lots of good stuff there.
Baking shops for those plain brown paper bags. Simple and versatile and of course… very cheap!

For clowns, entertainment, party games eg sandart etc… google Cha cha clowns.

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