Thursday, June 02, 2011

Beach holidays

We've taken Ayden to the beach so many times. The first time was when he was 5 months old. We were at Shangri La Penang. After that we were at Hard Rock Hotel Penang when he was 8 months old for hubby's company away day. Then hubby moved company and we they had their family day at Avilion. Then three weeks ago over the long Wesak weekend my parents booked an apartment at Tioman so we went along too!

The trip to Hard Rock Penang was suppose to be fun. I mean, of course its fun when it was totally FREE for 4 days 3 nights! It was fun, only one thing, Ayden had his first out door fall and busted his lip! He fell off the beach chair and onto the wooden deck! There was SO much blood! I had put Ayden on the chair and only turned my back for a few seconds to put away our bag into the locker the cabana we rented for the day and I suddenly heard a loud THUD followed by a HOWL. I turned around and Ayden was on the floor with his face down. I quickly picked him and immediately there was so much blood on his gums. Luckilly he had no teeth then, but I was obviously panicking beyond words! I rushed out of the cabana and called for help. One of the hotel security was not too far away and came to see what happened. I quickly showed him Ayden's lips and he promptly radioed the front desk and called for a taxi for me to take Ayden to the clinic. To cut story short, the doctor at the clinic simply just lifted his lip and said "Its only an abrasion" I said "Are you sure??!! There was so much blood!" He said yup and told me not too worry. They did not even charge me for the consultation! So that was Ayden's first fall.

So back to the good stuff, beach holidays. Avilion was a short one night stay. By this time Ayden was already accustomed to sand in his feet and was happily playing with his shovel and bucket.

My parents had successfully booked an apartment at Tioman so asked if we would join, so I thought it would be fun for the grand parents so we agreed. My sister also joined and I brought my maid, so in total there were 6 adults helping to take care of Ayden over this trip. What could be better! haha!

So we braved the long drive down to Mersing and the 2 hour ferry ride and made it to the island in one piece! Ayden amazingly endured the whole journey with good spirits! I was surprised! But with 6 adults taking turns to mind him, it was not too bad for me too!

So without further a do, do check out the photos! I believe they speak for themselves.

Fun on the sand

Fun in the sea!

With mummy

With Atok!

We took a glass bottom boat ride to see corals 

Everyone had a good time!

They even had life vests for babies!

Grandma pointing at something

Looking at a HUGE coral. The sea was so blue!

More fun with Atok

We also swam in the pool

Splash splash!!

It really was a fun trip for everybody!!

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