Tuesday, May 31, 2011

His favorite Grand Aunt

Ayden gets super excited when there are lots of people at the house. He runs around squealing with a BIG smile on his cheeky face. And of course his FAVORITE grand aunt is always so happy to play with him and entertain him.

When Grand Yee comes to visit, and its usually in the evenings after work. When he hears her at the door, you can see his face LIGHT up and he quickly runs to the door. Ah Yeeeee!! (he really should be calling her Grand Yee according to the family tree).

Ah Yee usually has all the patience in the world to entertain his antiques. Ayden loves books and for the nth time, he would bring his favorite number book or Thomas the Train book for Ah Yee to read with him. And Ah Yee is really animated when she reads to Ayden which is why Ayden loves her so much. And now, he can identify the objects in the book too. Like Star, ball, flower (which he says wawer), dog, cat, Thomas, car …. AND. He can also count! Wan, too, thee, foe, fife, seek, wewen, ey, nein (didn't know he knew german), TENG (didn't know he knew the Ganu accent either!).

Besides reading, if we are at Grand Yee's house (she lives just down the street from us), Grand Yee likes to let Ayden feed her fish. So an overjoyed Ayden like to shake the fish food (with cap on to avoid the fish getting over fed) over the top of the aquarium!

Just last night, Grand Yee and Ayden was playing train pushing the mobile clothes hanging rack around the house! On the way to the door, Ayden goes… ba bye and waves!

At 14 months (yes only 14 months!!) he's full of surprises.

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