Monday, May 30, 2011

On food and such....

I have mentioned before that I LOVE cooking for Ayden. We've moved on from lumps to almost regular food now. And breakfast, being my own favorite meal of the day, is one that I love making for Ayden.

Pancakes and honey with fruits that I make quite often. I love decorating the plate to make it colourful and fun. I am probably more thrilled with it than Ayden! It really does not make much difference to him haha! As long as his tummy is filled he's happy!

I have not blogged about work for quite a long time now. Its because it does not stress me out as much as it used to! Its been a little over a year an a half at the JVCo and its been soooo good. Its closer to where I live, not much politics, at least not that I am aware of or am I bothered by it. I have been busy but good because that means I am not bored at work. Its not the best place to work, not exciting or anything like that. Just an honest day's work that pays the bills and I get to go home to my bunny without being edgy or stressed out. Life is really working out just fine! I can hardly complain!

Though I have toyed on the idea of giving up working, not because I don't like it, but because I want to spend more time with Ayden. I've never been ambitious nor have I have ever dreamt to climb the corporate ladder or anything like that. I just want a moderate and comfortable happy life! More than anything, I want to be able to send Ayden to school, do finger painting with him and take him to the playground. I am that simple!

But knowing my fickle minded self, I'd probably get bored of this and then I'd probably start saying that I want to get back to work again haha! But hey, when that bridge comes... just cross it right!

So when I really do make up my mind about that... I'll cross that bridge too. Meanwhile, I'll just enjoy my little blessings :)

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