Monday, May 09, 2011

Ayden turns ONE!

Ayden turned one two months ago and I did not have time to blog about it! I was crazy busy at work and I've been neglecting my blog and updating on Ayden's developments.

What a party it was! With lots of family and friends in attendance, we celebrated Ayden's first birthday with lots of fun and games, fantastic food and an awesome birthday cake. I ended up doing the whole party deco, setup, games and catering myself. The darn party planner was completely unreliable (and party planners are suppose to make our lives easier!!) so I decided to do everything myself.

We had a fishing game (with real fish!), sandart (I bought a sandart party kit from an art shop), plaster painting, colouring and some sketchy thing. We had a clown, lots of balloons and a pinata. Ayden had a good time poking the fish in the rubber pool with the fishing net, getting everyone wet. He really enjoyed his party! He was running around and amusing everyone. I was worried that he would be stressed with so many people but he seemed fine! I was busy running around mingling with the guests and also chasing Ayden making sure he did not pull anything or upset anyone's fish container (everyone gets to take home the fish they caught in a plastic container). To be honest the whole party was a blur. I only got to see how it all really went after I received the photos from the photographer! I did not even get to eat much of the food, which I gathered from most of the guests, that the food was yummy.

The party ended with cake cutting and candle blowing. What a wonderful year it was! So many laughs, so much love and joy. Who would have thought a single little person could bring so much joy into ones lives, changing it forever.

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Mariuca said...

Happy Birthday to Ayden, he is adorable!! And you look absolutely gorgeous in this picture, so slim! :):):)