Saturday, June 11, 2011

Eggs Ben at Chinoz Bangsar Shopping Centre

Its been a while since I blogged about food! I used to be so rajin to take a picture of what I eat and then blog about it. I just love my collection of food I eat all around the world.

Well since I've not been anywhere much lately, here's one closer to home.

Chinoz is a good place for coffee and chill out. I very seldom have a proper meal here, let alone breakfast. So for a change, we went to have breakfast at Chinoz Bangsar Shopping Centre this morning after a doctor's appointment. It was as simple as the picture above. Nothing on the side. The poached eggs were cooked well, with soft flowing yolk and a layer of beef bacon underneath. I personally prefer it with smoked salmon instead, but beef bacon worked just as well. Accompanied with a hot cup of coffee, it was simple yet fulfilling.

Give it a try!

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